Hula Shake - Bubble Tea Shop

Phone (808) 260-1098
5 stars from 9 reviews
Address 590 Farrington Hwy Unit 517, Kapolei, HI 96707
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Offering Bubble tea, snow ice, smoothies, and sponge cake.

• Food Types: Ice Cream / Shave Ice • Food Types: Smoothies / Juices
• Food Types: Tea / Bubble Tea • Payment: $ - Cheap - Under $15
• Service Type: Counter / Quick • Style: Casual
• Style: Family Friendly

About Hula Shake - Bubble Tea Shop
HulaShake is a start-up bubble tea cafe that will also offer a selection of snow ice and bakery products, located in Kapolei, Hawaii. HulaShake expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its broad variety of bubble tea as well as snow ice and bakery products. HulaShake will be Asian-themed in decor and we will also sell Asian pastries, snacks and food. HulaShake aims to offer high quality bubble tea and provide the highest quality product with personal customer service.

Some of the items we offer include:
Fresh Brewed Tea
Delicious Fruit Tea & Milk Tea
Customize your very own special smoothie, milk tea or fruit tea
Tasty Snow Ice w/ Various Toppings
Instant Baked Sponge Cake
Full Description
Located in the Kapolei Shopping Center, Hula Shake offers a large variety of Teas. The menu can be confusing if you have never been here before, just ask for help, they are happy to explain. I ordered the Lychee Black Tea with Lychee Mini Mochi. The flavor was so delicious! Plus I think that the mini mochi was the perfect compliment to the Lychee tea. But that could just be me. We also tried the Passion Fruit Jasmine Green Tea with the Rainbow Agar. I don't like gummy things, but it was enjoyable none the less. The drinks are the perfect thing to pick you up on a hot day and in Kapolei we see a lot of those.

The staff was very friendly, helpful and patient with us through the ordering process. The drinks came up fast and the cup was sealed with a plastic top to prevent leaks and spills. Genius! They came with large straws so you can enjoy the toppings, which actually end up being bottomings (is that a word?).

Kaycee the owner is very nice and since we have been there many times now she remembers our drink order. I love that! How many places can you say that happens at? This is my favorite place to get my bubble fix at!

Overall a very tasty treat and we will be back to try different flavor combinations.

They offer a stamp card, once you fill one up you get a free drink. We have filled up four already!

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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I really enjoyed the Passion Fruit green tea. It's sweet and I'm not usually a fan of sweet drinks but this worked.

I had the Rainbow Agar added in which are small bits of fruity flavored gummy bits (more like firm Jello). Odd. Very odd, yet tasty at the same time.

After a second visit my new favorite is Hibiscus Green Tea with Blueberry mochi. Winner! Strawberry mochi is also a favorite.

Somehow, they remember me and my drink every time I go in. That's what I call service. I feel like Norm at Cheers.
Joined: Mar 2016
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Hula Shake bubble tea shop is great. So many teas to choose from so many flavours. I had the bubble coffee when I first tried them and it was great!!! Was a little overwhelmed when I first saw all the different choices but I'm glad I got my fav coffee. Will definitely be back to try more. Service was fast and they were very friendly. Highly recommend you check them out.
Joined: Sep 2015
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Had our first ever "bubble tea" here after stopping to get groceries nearby. Tasty. Sweet. It won't our last bubble tea!
Melody A
Joined: May 2015
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Hula Shake is a perfect place for teens to come to and hanging out with their drinks. The colors on the wall just make the positive vibes come out. I normally come here 4 times a month after school with friends or just as a date. everyone I took here, loves it! they always come back. my favorite is a coffee drink or lava flow. It's great that you can always choose how sweet you want your drink.
Joined: Apr 2015
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The girls working here are so nice and friendly. There is a surprisingly large amount of drink selections here. It goes well beyond just tea but I tried a tea. It's really sweet stuff but you can get less sugar if you prefer. So yummy though. Add in some mochi, gummies, or other add ins and let them soak in your tea and they taste really good.
Arianna C
Joined: Mar 2014
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Hula Shake is a place to enjoy refreshing beverages and sweet desserts. The variety of Boba added to the drinks, serve as a fun way to experiment and discover different mixes of flavors. The Boba in the shakes makes the drinks absolutely amazing! Words of advice, never exclude any Boba from your drink, you're missing out.

The drink shop has a limited amount of seats, but they placed tables and chairs for the convenience. I would definitely recommend this place to all ages. The atmosphere is very family oriented and really lively. I usually order a Milk Tea or Honeydew Shake, with of course the main attraction...Boba!
Cristelle M
Joined: Mar 2014
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This is a store that many Asian tourists will really enjoy. Since bubble teas are first made in Asia and are extremely popular there, they will feel a touch of familiarity despite being in a foreign place. The variety of flavours is really reminiscent to the ones served in Asia, but the new Hawaiian twists Hula Shake offers will certainly give pleasant surprises.
Kehaulani R
Joined: Mar 2014
Reviews: 2
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I liked the variety of menu. There is a big selection of Bobas. Although the drinks are good, but the service was slow. It's a small business, but they are growing and it takes too long for them to make the shakes because of all the people.
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