Aloha Tower Marketplace

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3 stars from 6 reviews
Address 1 Aloha Tower Dr, Honolulu, HI 96813
Historical icon turned shopping center that's virtually empty.

• Mall / Center

Full Description
Aloha Tower Marketplace is a shopping mall that contains the Aloha Tower, one of Hawaii's most recognized buildings.

Aloha Tower History

The tower opened in 1926 and offered spectacular harbor views housed a lookout station for harbor pilots. The lighthouse served as a navigation beacon that could be seen from 15 miles out at sea. The clock was one of the largest in the United States.

At one point, it was the tallest building in Honolulu and was known as Honolulu's "Statue of Liberty" as it welcomed immigrants to the island. During World War II, the tower was taken over by the military and even painted in camouflage. The camouflage was sandblasted off in 1947 and the Aloha Tower reopened in 1948.

Aloha Tower & Marketplace Today

The tower still serves as a major landmark in Honolulu and something visitors see as they approach on a cruise ship. The marketplace is intended to be an open air dining and shopping complex but doesn't offer very many of those options at this time. We're hopeful that this place will become something great once again.

Sue K
Joined: Mar 2016
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I visited Aloha Towers Marketplace fourteen years ago. Last week I returned and it was a shadow of its former self. Then, it was full of interesting shops. I am not sure what's going on with it now, but there was (I think) only one store belonging to The University of Hawaii and a few restaurants. I did go up the Aloha Tower (free) and there were some nice views.
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 426
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Aloha tower marketplace use to be great but now feels like it's died a little! Only great thing to do is take pictures around there. Last time we were there we went to Hooters food was good service was okay. Would I go back? Yes! But they really need an upgrade. Put more stores and restaurants and people will flock there.
Joined: May 2016
Reviews: 67
Likes Received: 2
I went here to take a picture of the aloha tower. My parents went when I was just a baby so they came back with pictures that I have studied extensively until I got to go on my own. The aloha tower sounded like such a magical place... and it probably was 25 years ago. It didn't have any stores you couldn't find in more populated areas, it was kinda just overpriced boutiques if you ask me. I'm actually kind of sad I went and ruined the perfect image I have of it in my mind. It wasn't really easy to get to, parking wasn't easy and wasn't worth whatever we paid for parking. If you're planning on going, you're honestly good with a drive by, get your picture and carry on to a worthwhile adventure.
Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
Reviews: 803
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This place is on its last legs and either needs to cough up the cash to renovate it or drop out of the race completely. It's not worth your time with so many better shopping options nearby. I'm sure it was probably a really cool mall at one point but today it's just a sad and run down mall with not much going on inside of it. There are some stores in here but nothing special. We noticed a lot of stores just weren't open (in the middle of the day on a weekend) while other spots were just vacant.

It's a shame that this place just seems to be fading away like it is but it's not going to improve at the rate they're going. It needs to be cleaned up and have some new blood pumped into it and we're hoping they do that soon before it completely kicks the bucket on us.

So, there just isn't much to see here and they'll make you pay a few dollars to park here to see the vast nothingness that they offer! You're so close to much better shopping like Ala Moana Center that I strongly suggest you go there instead.
Cristelle M
Joined: Mar 2014
Reviews: 37
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I actually prefer to go here since it's not as crowded as Ala Moana or Pearlridge, but it doesn't offer as much variety as the others. Not good for people who wants to get good items, and most of what they have are overpriced tacky souvenir shops. The only place I ever enjoyed shopping in are those cute furniture shops.

The upside is that the place is next to a harbor and gives spectacular scenery. The ate on a restaurant here once and it is right next to the blue oceans. It was relaxing and I enjoyed my meal.
Joined: Aug 2013
Reviews: 7
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This mall is in sad shape and doesn't have a lot to offer really. Feels old and like it's about to go out of business any day now which is too bad.
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