Mexico Restaurant

Mexico Restaurant
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Phone (808) 845-9059
Address 1247 N School St, Honolulu, HI 96817
Very good Mexican food, not so great parking situation, and a little pricey. Worth going here!

• Food Types: Mexican • Payment: $$ - Average - $15 to $30 • Meals: Dinner • Meals: Lunch • Service Type: Table

Mexico Restaurant is located on School Street in Honolulu, just a bit east of The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, and serves up authentic Mexican style food.

The restaurant isn't huge but a decent size and well themed to give it that Mexico feeling. The parking situation is pretty weak with only a few spots in their ultra tiny lot.

The service here was very good and we really enjoyed the food. It terms of overall taste, and after repeat visits, this is still a tasty place for Mexican food. They serve up complimentary chips and salsa but if you want a refill you pay an extra $1 which feels like I'm being nickle and dimed.

For meals, we tried the fish tacos which comes with two tacos, rice, and beans for $13.95. They tasted good and it was plenty of food for a lunch meal.

We also tried a three item combo plate with a crunchy taco, enchilada, burrito, rice, and beans for a spendy $18.95. Their seasoned ground beef is very good. The shredded beef was excellent and very tender. But nearly $20 for a 3 item combo plate? That's just not right.

On a repeat visit we tried a plate with three tacos for $12.75 and a chimichanga for $14.95. Again, a bit pricey even if it is a ton of food. The tacos were excellent! The chimichanga was very good but we found that ordering a side of red enchilada sauce made it much better because otherwise it comes dry.

Sodas will run $3.00 which is too pricey for soda. They used to come in huge mugs and so you weren't waiting around on refills but on our last visit they were just standard size glasses (packed with too much ice) and twice I was waiting for a refill.

On some repeat visits I noticed this place could be cleaner. Coming in for early lunch and sitting in a sticky chair, seeing crumbs on my table, and old bits of food on the ground is a huge turn off. Do they not clean the place up at night? It's not filthy, but could be better. And the back of my chair should never, ever be sticky! And the hot sauce bottles were virtually empty but the tops look like they had never been cleaned with old crusty hot sauce bits on them. Now that is gross.

What was a 4 star restaurant in my book, with potential for 4.5, is being dropped to a 3.5. The cleanliness is an issue for me, the drinks are tiny with slow refills, the chips aren't free, and the food is really pricey.