Waiahole Beach Park

Waiahole Beach Park
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Address Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI 96744
No beach, no sand, mucky water, and it's in a sketchy area shaded by ironwood trees.

• Facilities: Grassy Area • Type: Murky Water • Type: Shady • Good For: Sunrises

Waiahole Beach Park isn't really much of a beach since it doesn't have any sand at the shoreline. It's more of a muddy shore that leads into murky waters. Not only are murky waters just kind of gross to swim in, it also means that you can't always see what else is in the water with you (which is why sharks prefer them when hunting for prey, see Shark Attacks In Hawaii).

Beyond that, this area is often littered with trash. Various bots of junk, old tires, cigarette butts, and more litter the beach and surrounding area. Some of the homes around here look a bit questionable as well, as if some are starting a junkyard business (while others are well maintained). Does any of this mean this area is dangerous or sketchy? Maybe. Maybe not. Does it make the beach less desirable? Yes, yes it does.

There is a nice grass area here and the views of Chinaman's Hat - The Giant Lizard and the surrounding mountains are lovely. But there is little else that we can put in the "pros" lists of this beach.

So why would you want to go to Waiahole Beach? Chances are good, you wouldn't. For most, there isn't much here worth seeing and it's a shame the area doesn't get cleaned up.