Travaasa Hotel Hana

Travaasa Hotel Hana
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Phone (888) 820-1043
Address 5031 Hana Hwy, Hana, HI 96713
The only true hotel in Hana. Formerly known as Hotel Hana Maui.

• Building: Hotel • Building: Lanai / Balcony • Room: Mini Fridge • Recreation: Kids Club • Recreation: Pool

This hotel which is now known as the Travaasa Hotel Hana was formerly the Hotel Hana Maui but underwent a brand change after its new owners purchased it.

Although you can find other lodging options in Hana, this is the only actual hotel in this area. If you are taking the Road To Hana and want to stay overnight then this is your best bet.

The property is very nice and you instantly get that feeling of an older Hawaii with a much, much, much slower pace of life. I can't stress that part enough. If you want to slow down and relax then this is a great place to do that for a night or two (or several).

And while there is a lot to see in the Hana area, it's not exactly an action packed area and you'll quickly run out of places to eat and activities to do (beyond hiking, beaches, and so on). When night falls the entire town seems to go to bed.

The staff here are unbelievably nice and friendly and we had a great chat with one of them (Doug) who took some time to tell us about the hotel as well as the history of Hana (as he lived there most of his life). It's those experiences that will set this hotel apart from the cookie cutter mega resorts in other areas of the islands.