Slaughterhouse Beach (Mokuleia Bay)

4.5 stars from 3 reviews
Address Honoapiilani Hwy, between mile marker 31 and 32, Lahaina, HI 96761
Odd name, small beach, very little parking.

• Facilities: Showers • Sand Type: Regular
• Parking: Street only • Good For: Bodysurfing
• Good For: Boogie Boarding • Good For: Snorkeling

Full Description
Mokuleia Bay beach, or Slaughterhouse Beach as it's more commonly called is a beautiful, crescent shaped beach. You'll find it located right next to the popular Honolua Bay snorkeling area near the north side of west Maui.

Let's cover the name first. It's called Slaughterhouse Beach because of the Honolua Ranch slaughterhouse and tanning / storage facility that used to be on the edge of the cliffs here (but is no longer here). Today, there's really no slaughtering going on so you won't have to explain to little Timmy where cheeseburgers come from when you visit.

There isn't much parking here, just a few spots right along the street and then you'll walk down to the beach below which requires walking down some stairs. Be very careful since you're parking right off the highway. This area is part of the Honolua-Mokuleia Bay Marine Life Conservation District.

When the ocean is calm in the summer months you can find some good snorkeling here but the water can be cloudy at times as well. When the waves are coming in during the winter months it's a good beach for boogie boarding.

Matt A
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The parking situation isn't so great here but if you can find a place to park it's a neat place to stop and experience. Amazing views can be had here and it's a fun place to play around if the ocean is calm.
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Slaughterhouse Beach has an overall 4.5 star average rating from many online reviews.
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There is almost no parking near this beach, which sucks if it's full but the upside to that is if you're one of the lucky ones that get a spot the beach is so quiet! It's a beautiful little spot (don't let the name drive you away - I almost skipped it based on that!) There is a hole cut in the fence near the parking lot and it's a near perfect view of the beach. I think the best view you could get without a helicopter.
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