Haleiwa Beach Park

3 stars from 4 reviews
Address 62-490 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712
Lots of amenities, but water is a bit murky. Beach is full of branches, leaves, and other debris.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Equipment Rentals
• Facilities: Grassy Area • Facilities: Picnic Tables
• Facilities: Playground Equipment • Facilities: Showers
• Facilities: Sports Field • Type: Dog Friendly
• Type: Kid Friendly • Type: Murky Water
• Type: Shady • Sand Type: Regular
• Parking: Good / Plenty • Good For: Fishing
• Good For: Kayaking • Surfing Level: Beginner
• Surfing Level: Intermediate

Matt Anderson's Take
Haleiwa Beach Park is a decent beach in Haleiwa on the north shore but far from the best. It's a good size and offers a lot of parking in the main lot and on the side of the road but the water here can be a little murky due to the runoff from the river and harbor at the southern end. It's not bad, just don't expect crystal clear waters here.

The waves here are often pretty gentle so it can be good for kids but the sand is tends to be littered with various debris (tree branches, leaves, ocean junk, etc) so it never feels all that clean here. It's not gross or dirty, just not really what you'd want in a good Hawaiian beach.

Many of those concerns are made up by the amenities offered here which include bathrooms, showers, picnic areas, shady areas, a basketball court, volleyball court, and even a kids playground. All of these things, along with the harbor and various activity companies here make it a very popular beach.

It's a good place to learn how to surf, kayak, or try some stand up paddleboarding as well and you'll even find lessons and rentals available from a vendor or two near the parking lot.
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Matt Anderson
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Matt A
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I'm not a fan of this beach. It has plenty going for it with the sports court, playground, and even the fact that it is large with a big sandy beach. But it's just not that great. The water isn't all that clear and even less appealing so it's not a place I ever want to swim. The sandy beach is often littered with debris (of the natural variety at least). There are plenty of good beaches on the north shore, why bother with this one?
Heather M
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Busy and crowded. Not very scenic. Drive a few more miles down the road to Mokuleia Beach or back towards Turtle bay and visit Papailoa Beach (aka Police Beach)
Tom T
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Haleiwa Beach Park is a convenient place for commerce and tourism to meet. There's plenty of parking, easy access to Haleiwa town, and it's easy to find. You'll see several vans with paddleboards, kayaks, and other rental items being delivered for tourists. The road beside Haleiwa Beach Park will often be packed with cars during the summer months and when major surf competitions are taking place on the North Shore.

This area has a natural harbor, so the water is calm for paddling activities and safe for children to play. If you do decide to rent a paddleboard or kayak, be sure to go under the famous Haleiwa bridge and travel up the stream. It's a beautiful area to enjoy.

The park will occasionally hold events such as the Haleiwa festival because it can accommodate the large crowds. It's a touristy part of the North Shore and overrun with traffic and crowds. Not one of my favorite spots on Oahu. But remove the crowds and traffic and you'll have a pretty nice beach park.
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Good for launching a kayak but it can get a little murky here and the sand area is usually covered in debris of all kinds.
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