Makena Landing Beach Park

4 stars from 7 reviews
Address 5077 Makena Rd, Makena, HI 96753
The shoreline here is pretty rocky but there is a sandy beach and good snorkeling and diving is nearby.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Showers
• Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Good / Plenty
• Good For: Kayaking • Good For: Scuba Diving
• Good For: Snorkeling • Good For: Sunsets

Full Description
Makena Landing Beach Park, or simply Makena Landing as it's often called but different than Makena Beach State Park, is a small beach park located in the Makena area of south Maui.

This is a surprisingly good beach park and many people (at least non-locals) don't seem to know it's even here. It's easy to find right off of Makena Road, see our map pin point for exact location, and there is likely to be some parking available.

It has a bathroom and shower facilities, some grass, a sandy beach, and nice blue water. What's not to like?

The snorkeling here is pretty good as well, if the ocean is calm, and if you head out about 200 to 300 yards north you'll end up in the 5 Graves / 5 Caves area which is often excellent for snorkeling. Of course, many people do know about 5 Graves / 5 Caves as it's also a popular site for scuba diving so don't expect to have that all to yourself.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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Makena Landing is a pretty neat place. It's not a large beach and certainly not the best in this area but it just has a cool vibe. It's also a cool place to take some photos with all of the trees, ocean, and rock formations here.
Justine H
Joined: Jun 2016
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On the day we visited, this beach was surprisingly busy as we had thought it wasn't very well known. It was early afternoon and we had a hard time finding public parking in the little lot down the street, but eventually with patience, were able to get a spot when some other beach-goers left. Nice beach.

Decent snorkeling though not spectacular where we were, although we pretty much stayed to one side of the beach. There was quite a lot of large construction going on at the hotel property across the street from the far end of the beach and it seemed quite noisy on that end, which is why we avoided it. We have since learned that the hotel closed shortly after to make way for a luxury home development. Freshwater shower and bathroom facilities are at the parking lot.
Al T
Joined: May 2016
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Awesome for snorkeling and diving!!! Super popular for kayak, canoe launching, and dive classes.

Very small sandy beach...what this area is really about water sports and nature, not sunbathing, or surfing. Beautiful setting. Very nice public bathrooms and outdoor showers. There's a kiosk sharing some history about this bay....interesting!

If you seek big beach, big sand? Go south to Big Beach (Makena beach) following the road south.
Joined: May 2016
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This was a great little spot that I probably wouldn't have found on my own. My fiance and I booked a kayaking trip and this is where we were to meet our guide. We had to be there at 7am, so the roads were quiet, actually everything was quiet except for the beach we were going to be launching on! We walked down the way (exactly where the picture is taken) and honestly the picture is nice but doesn't do this quiet little spot justice. It has bathrooms and fresh water showers.

There is great snorkeling nearby, just get there early before the boat tours from Molokini make their second stop of the day there. Lots of wildlife and awesome caves for any free divers out there. The landscape is beautiful above and under the water! Great spot to stop by if you're driving down that way anyway.
Dawn G
Joined: Mar 2016
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This is a small beach but the snorkeling is fantastic when the water is clear. If I were going to just sit on the beach and enjoy the ocean there are other south Maui beaches I'd prefer but if you like to tour around and check out different places this is worth a stop. This is the area of the island where there are more shark sightings, so don't snorkel alone and don't go in the water if it's at all murky.
sara o
Joined: Mar 2016
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Saw my first honu here! Great spot.
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
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It's a small beach that's popular with locals. Good diving and protected cove. Good beach for kids and families and gatherings.
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