Pa'ako Beach (Secret Cove)

4 stars from 4 reviews
Address 6950 Makena Rd, Makena, HI 96753
Very cool and very small hidden beach.

• Facilities: Showers

Full Description
Pa'ako Beach, or Secret Cove or Paako Cove or even Makena Cove as it's called, is a neat hidden beach found in the Makena area of south Maui. If you're headed to La Perouse Bay then you'll pass by this beach and probably not even know it was there.

To get to Pa'ako Beach, follow our map and then park along the street when you get close. Along the rock fence / wall on the ocean side of the street will be a blue beach access sign that will take you to this hidden beach.

Secret Cover is a hugely popular place for weddings and it's very tiny so it fills up fast. Make a stop here in the morning and relax with excellent views of Kaho'olawe Island and Molokini Crater.

It's a beautiful little beach and the small cove next to it is just as neat. Just around the corner to the north will be Big Beach (Oneloa/Makena Beach) at Makena State Park but you can't easily walk from one beach to the other because of all of the rocks you'd have to climb over.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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Cool little beach that feels hidden. Not the place beach around nor is it a great place to swim due to all of the lava rock around here and such a tiny sandy beach area. Still, there's just something cool about it.
Lisa F
Joined: Jan 2017
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What a find! However, can get packed with people getting married, tourists, and a few locals just playing. Not a great beach to swim because of all the lava rocks and it can get a bit rough with waves, but that does not matter when it comes to the gorgeous views and pictures you can get from there. It is hidden behind a rock wall and you have to climb down a very little to get down, so could limit you if you are not into climbing down a rock or two or have too much that you are bringing with you. We love it at sunset, but be prepared for crowds, crowds, crowds.
Joined: May 2016
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My husband and I got married on this beach! It is a tiny beach, and it's perfect for watching the sunset or picture taking. It does get crowded seemingly out of nowhere as someone else previously said. It was challenging getting all the pictures we wanted with all the people there. And I mean, it is a public beach so I do understand where others are coming from. However I didn't really want a bikini clad teenager in the background of my wedding pictures, but I also didn't want to be THAT bride... you know?

The sun was going down, not like she was sunbathing at that point, I guess I just figured people would be a little more considerate. I know I would be for someone else's wedding! Beautiful beach and definitely worth a visit, just try not to photobomb on people getting professional pictures. :)
Joined: Aug 2015
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Beautiful beach but really rocky in most spots. Good place to come and relax and enjoy the view but not so much for swimming.
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