Kaihalulu (Red Sand) Beach

Kaihalulu (Red Sand) Beach
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Address Uakea Road, Hana, HI 96713
An interesting red sand beach in Hana.

• Facilities: Showers • Sand Type: Red

Yes, it really is a red sand beach. Well, red-ish. Sort of a red / brown color really.

Getting here isn't exactly easy and you will be doing some minor hiking on the side of a mountain so this is probably best for those comfortable with that sort of thing. You'll want hiking shoes, or at least normal shoes, and not slippers (flip flops) for this one.

You can park at the far south end of Uakea Road, which is a dead end, along the street. From there walk across the grassy area and you'll see a path that leads towards the ocean, follow that towards and along the ocean and you'll hike around the side of the mountain and into the red sand beach area.

The water here might be kind of rough and you'll see some jagged rocks just off the beach area so while it's neat looking it's not really an ideal beach to hangout on or swim but at least it likely won't be crowded. Wait, is anything in Hana ever actually crowded?