Dole Park

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Address Lanai Ave, Lanai City, HI 96763
Located in the center of Lana'i City, Dole Park is really the heart of the community. Built in the 1920's when the plantation village was established, most of Lana'i businesses and restaurants line the park.

• General: Kid Activities • General: Park / Playground

Dole Park is located right in the middle of Lana'i City. It's a large park (large is relative on such a tiny island) with plenty of grass and tons of amazingly tall trees.

The town will host its various festivals and gatherings here so if there is one going on during your visit we highly recommend you check it out. All of the main town shops and restaurants border the entire Dole park so have a walk around and check out the town.

If you have small kids this is a good place to let them run around and stretch their legs a bit as well as play on the playground equipment located here.