Dis 'N Dat Shop

Dis 'N Dat Shop
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Phone (808) 565-9170
Address 418 8th Ave, Lanai City, HI 96763
We're told this place is permanently closed. Click here if we're wrong!
Unique home decor and jewelry. Tons of wind-chimes and the most sparkly store I have ever seen.

• Beauty / Cosmetics • Bridal

This is a pretty unique shop and full of eclectic jewelry, wind chimes, and home decor items. It's a tiny and rustic little shop (as most are in Lana'i City) and easy to spot because of the 1959 Nash Metropolitan car in the front lawn (which is unfortunately spending its life rusting away).

This place does have some really unique items and you can't believe how many wind chimes they've packed into this little store.

It's great for wind chime lovers (if there is such a thing) but beyond annoying for those like myself who aren't big on the chimes because they have several fans blowing all of the chimes so the entire place is just filled with the sound of a thousand chimes all going off at the same time. How these people work in that noise all day long is beyond me.

You'll either love it or you won't but certainly worth stepping in just to see the spectacle of it all.