Storto's Deli And Sandwich Shoppe

Storto's Deli and Sandwich Shoppe
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Phone (808) 637-6633
Address 66-215 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712
Great quality and very delicious sub style sandwiches that are very large and reasonably priced. A little stingy on the meat quantity and they only accept cash.

• Food Types: Burger / Dog / Sandwich • Payment: $ - Cheap - Under $15 • Meals: Dinner • Meals: Lunch • Service Type: Counter / Quick
• Offers: Open Air / Outdoor Seating

Storto's in Haleiwa (in the same building as Lanikai Juice) is a tiny little sub style sandwich shop that makes very delicious sandwiches. You start by picking the type of sandwich you want from their menu, then select the vegetables you want, cheese you want, and dressing you want. All of the selections are optional but we found the sandwich to be a bit dry without dressing so adding dressing is the key here.

They'll make the sub and call your name when it is ready at which time you will pay for it. The kicker here is that they seem to be stuck in 1948 and only accept cash. That's right, your plastic isn't welcome here which is pretty annoying in a credit card filled world.

Let's get back to the food. You'll either order a half or whole sub sandwich and if you choose the whole you probably can't finish it as it is huge. The half is plenty of sandwich for most normal people as this ain't your 6" fast food sub.

The bread is super fresh, soft, and tasty. The ingredients all taste fresh and delicious. The meat they use tastes very good but the only complaint we have there is the lack of meat. The sandwiches may come with multiple types of meat on them (like the Ali'i I had with salami, pepperoni, and pastrami) but they seem to only put a single thin layer of each type on the sandwich when it really should be doubled up.

It's not like you can't taste it and you certainly won't go hungry but it just feels like it is lacking a bit in that department. Now we know to double up the meat and they'll either let you go from 3 slices of meat to 6 for they have some cheaper special where you can double of two of the three meats on your sandwich. It's all a bit confusing but their cheaper sets you up with 5 pieces of meat which is actually perfect so go this route, you'll be glad you did. This alone had me bump my 4 star rating to 5 stars.

It's great food at very reasonable prices so we eat here often. Speaking of prices, a half sub with a can of soda ($1) will have you out the door for just under $9.00 (extra meat and tax included) which is pretty reasonable since it's so delicious and plenty of sandwich.

There is no indoor seating (the entire place is the size of a small bedroom) but they do have some tables outside along with some bar top style seating. It's usually enough seating unless the place is really crowded.

The other issue here is parking. There are only 4 real spots though can can usually find other places in the lot to squeeze in. Still the subs are so good that I not only overlook the few complaints I have but I also drive dozens of miles just to eat a sandwich here and then drive dozens of miles back. It's that good.