Ho'omana Beach

Ho'omana Beach
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Address Homana Pl, Waialua, HI 96791
Excellent beach hidden behind some houses on Oahu's north shore.

• Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Street only

Ho'omana Beach is a great and very hidden beach that, like all Hawaii beaches, is fully open to the public if you can find it. To do that, you first need to get yourself near the north shore, heading west on the Farrington Highway towards Dillingham Airfield.

Just before you pass Dillingham Airfield (on your left) you need to turn right (north, towards the ocean) on Ho'omana Place which is a small little side street that will dead end.

Right before the dead end is a blue public right of way sign which indicates the place that the public gets to use to go to the beach.

There should be a few places along this street where you can legally park, just be sure you don't block any driveways (etc). The last two images we have above will show the beach access point you're looking for. See our map and directions page for exact location.

Once through you will be greeted with a fairly large beach, though the sandy area is fairly narrow in spots. You will be fairly close to some houses in many of the areas back here so always be sure to keep the noise down, respect their privacy, and never leave any trash behind (you shouldn't do that anywhere of course).

There aren't any facilities at all around here but this is still a great beach with clear blue waters. Chances are good that you'll be alone back here or might see a handful of residents from the nearby houses but probably not much else. Just remember, there are no lifeguards here so swim at your own risk.