Kaupoa Beach

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Address Kaupoa Beach Rd, Maunaloa, HI 96770
The ocean is calm during the summer which makes this spot perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Made up of two crescent shaped beaches. Once my favorite place on Molokai - now the thing that made it special has eroded into a beach of sadness.

• Good For: Snorkeling • Flying Activities: Helicopters

I have fond memories of camping on the Molokai Ranch back in the early 2000's. Actually, it wasn't really camping - it was too luxurious for that. They had tentalows with adjacent restrooms and lounge chairs. You'd go to sleep at night to the sound of ocean protected by the well maintained tents the Molokai Ranch provided. But the Molokai Ranch could not withstand the economic downturn in the late 2000's. They tried to develop other land on Molokai, but were resisted strongly by locals who are opposed to development. As a result, the Molokai Ranch had to shut down it's operation, and the area I once loved is now a deserted rundown mess.

Kaupoa Beach has two crescents shaped areas that are divided by reef. The sand is white and soft. The snorkeling is very good but what I enjoyed most looking at all the different sea shells. So many and so beautiful.

These photos are my memories of the beach beside the tentalows in which we stayed. It's a beautiful sad part of Hawaii.

Access to the Molokai Ranch area is now restricted.