Mo'omomi Beach

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Address Moomomi Road, Hoolehua, HI 96729
Part of the largest protected beach and dune region in Hawaii.

• Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Good / Plenty

In order to get to Mo'omomi Beach, you'll need a 4 wheel drive vehicle since it's a dirt road that's rough and muddy at times. Your basic rental car isn't going to make it.

The beach itself has a sandy area but it's not safe to enter the water here during the winter months because of large waves and seasonal sand depletion on shoreline. Strong trade winds have blown sand inland for miles, creating mile long dunes.

The entire preserve is managed by the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii and the area is comprised of 921 acres of sanctuary for 22 native species of Hawaiian plants. There are hiking tours available through The Nature Conservancy as well and reservations are required, but there is no fee.

Be aware that there is no fresh water, restrooms, or lifeguards here. Even during the summer, the ocean is considered unsafe for swimmers since the currents are strong, the waves can be large, and the reef is sharp and jagged.

This is precious part of Hawaiian heritage, remember to protect the Aina.