Big Game Sport Fish Of Hawaii

Big Game Sport Fish of Hawaii
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Planning to do some sportfishing? Here are the main big game sport fish caught off Hawaii.

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So many fish to catch, so little time. If you're visiting any of the islands, these are the fish that will get your adrenaline pumping on a chartered boat. Be sure to check out our Guide to Sportfishing in Hawaii.

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin (aka"Makaira") is the holy grail of sport fish in Hawaii. They can weigh upwards of 500 lbs and put up a tremendous fight. It can take more than an hour and requires a herculean effort to reel one in.

Striped Marlin

More abundant in numbers in Hawaii is the Striped Marlin. It's a beautiful fish with a pointed dorsal fin and blue vertical stripes on its belly. Similar to the Mahi Mahi, it loses its vibrant colors after it's been caught.

Yellow Fin Tuna

The delicious Yellow Fin Tuna is a sought after fish in Hawaii. It puts up a great fight and is a fun fish to catch. They are brilliant in color with a long pectoral fin and a yellow finlet.


Another exciting sport fish is the Sailfish. It has the appearance of the quintessential game fish. It's unique looks and thrilling acrobatics make this one of Hawaii's most exciting prize fish.

Ono (Wahoo)

The slender-bodied Ono is one of Hawaii's best eating fish. A preferred meat in fish tacos throughout the islands. The Ono has faint vertical stripes on it's back and a silver belly. They do not swim in groups, although they are part of the schooling mackerel family. Ono typically weigh in 25 -35 lbs, although they have been caught in the 75 lbs range.

Mahi Mahi

The brilliantly green colored and peculiarly humped headed Mahi Mahi is another great tasting fish. It is one of Hawaii's most colorful fish and beautiful fish when swimming, but it fades shortly after it dies. Mahi Mahi is a delicacy in Hawaii, often garnished with tropical fruits. Although the meat of the Mahi is pink, it turns white after being cooked.

Skipjack Tuna

The Skipjack Tuna can be caught with lighter tackle. It can be identified by the longitudinal stripes on its belly. Fun to catch and delcious to eat.

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