Maui Itinerary - Day 8

Maui Itinerary - Day 8
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Day 8 and time for some serious memory making activities.

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By now, you've seen a lot of what Maui has to offer and it's all been in an up close and personal style. But now it's time to get a bird's eye view of the island to really put it all into perspective. So how about taking a helicopter tour of Maui. There are several companies that offer or book helicopter tours on the island, click here to see a list of them and find the one that's best for you.

Seeing an island by helicopter really gives you a new perspective on things and it's a great way to see many of the areas that you otherwise can't easily get to. Many helicopters will also take a video during your flight and sell you a DVD to take home so you can relive the flight over and over again. You'll also want to bring a camera and snap as many photos as you want.

Some helicopters offer what is known as a "doors off" tour, which is exactly what it sounds like as they actually remove the doors from the chopper. This certainly can add some extra thrills if you're looking for that and, don't worry, you'll still be belted in for safety. If you're not one who enjoys such white knuckle thrills then opt for a regular "doors on" ride, which is more common.

Depending on the drive time involve, expect this to take up around 3+ hours of your day or so with the actual flight being around an hour in many cases. After that you may want to take a drive and see some of the coastal areas you spotted from the air up close. Drive, explore, have fun with it, and then grab some lunch along the way.

Then, go spend a little time at the beach. Which beach now you ask? Whichever one you want. Ideally, something that looked interesting from the air. Or, explore our entire list of Maui Beaches and see which looks the best to you. Or, re-visit one of your favorites from earlier in the week. There's nothing wrong with hitting the same beach more than once on the same trip! Just make sure you visit more than one beach on your trip!

For the evening, let's cap things off with a nice sunset cruise. If you've followed our Maui Itinerary - Day 2 then you already saw a sunrise from the most spectacular spot on the island, so why not match that with an amazing sunset as viewed from the sea. There are plenty of companies that offer sunset cruises on Maui, just pick the one that fits your needs.

Many offer food and / or drinks during the sail as well but make sure yours does, otherwise you'll want to have a snack before you sail since it may mean a late dinner. If seasickness is a concern, remember that larger boats are generally more stable whereas smaller boats tend to bounce around in the waves more.

Follow our advice and you're sure to have a day that is filled with memories you will never forget, and if you do you'll have photos and a DVD to remind you.