Climb Works Keana Farms

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Phone (808) 200-7906
Address 1 Enos Rd, Kahuku, HI 96731
Dual zipline adventures on Oahu's beautiful North Shore.

• Tours: Farm / Garden • Tours: Guided • Tours: Photography • Flying Activities: Zipline

CLIMB Works offers a 3-hour guided zipline tour over a working farm in Laie. It has Oahu's longest ziplines ranging from 500 ft to nearly a half mile long! It has 8 dual lines with panoramic views of the North Shore from some of the lines.

We went on the guided zipline tour which they offer every 20 minutes. Booking an earlier tour allows you to beat some of the traffic to the North Shore in addition to avoiding the hot afternoon sun.

After we checked in, we were outfitted with a harness and a helmet. We all looked like seasoned mountaineers. All we needed was ice axes to complete the look. After the first introductory line, they took us on ATVs for a 2-mile ride up to the top. The ride was pretty bumpy so if you have a bad back, this might be a hard ride. From the second line at the top, we zipped on back to our starting point on 7 more lines. There was very little walking between lines. We crossed a couple of rope bridges along the way.

Each zipline was a little different from the previous one. On some, we had to rappel to a lower platform. On another, we had to pull ourselves up to the next platform. The guides were more than happy to help pull you up if you found it too difficult.

Before each ride, the guides taught us about the farm, Hawaiian culture, and history. And on some of the platforms, they provided us with fresh cherry tomatoes and apple bananas grown on the farm.

There is no doubt that zipping down a line at a high speed is thrilling. But what makes this tour special is that we rode to the top of the mountain where people would not normally get to see without hiking for hours. And everywhere you look, you see trees and plants. And there is a spectacular view of the North Shore beaches from several of the platforms as you zipped down.

On the last line, our guides told us to bravely to let go of the handle. We could hang upside down if we wanted or just sit back and enjoy the ride. It was a lot of fun just hanging by the harness with my arms and legs wide open, It felt like flying.

Climb Works zipline is fun for nearly all ages. There were a few youngster who rode along with the guide to provide the extra weight to make it across. However, a couple of the kids on the tour backed out because they were too afraid. All of the adults thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The tour is a fun and unique activity to experience on the North Shore.