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Big Island zodiac raft cruise offering snorkeling, whale watching, and swimming with dolphins.

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About Captain Zodiac
Captain Zodiac is the original rafting expedition in Hawaii, and have been entertaining visitors since 1974! We are not just water transportation to a snorkel destination – we are an entire experience! Our logo is the “Skull and Crossbones”. Make no mistake about it – we are pirates, through and through! We have been “pillaging and plundering” the Kailua-Kona coastline for decades and having a blast doing it - arrrrgghh, matey!

Captain Zodiac operates sixteen (16) passenger military Zodiac Hurricane 733’s – the exact vessels made by Zodiac of North America for our U.S.Navy Seals and U.S.Coast Guard. They are fast, powerful, highly maneuverable, and very safe.

We offer a 4 hour morning or afternoon snorkel adventure which we zip on down the coast, stopping along the way when we come across dolphins, whales and other marine life to interact with them. Once we reach our snorkel destination in Kealakekua Bay, we provide you with snorkel gear (including prescription masks) and flotation devices. Non swimmers and first time snorkelers will have special instruction to increase their comfort level in the water. You will have about an hour and a half snorkeling in the crystal clear 100 foot visibility water, exploring the coral reef and incredible array of colorful fish! When you are ready to exit the water, you climb back aboard on a ladder and enjoy the tropical snack including fresh pineapple and other fruits, cookies, Maui chips, sodas, fruit juices and bottled water. While enjoying your snack, you will hear about the history of the bay and the Captain Cook story. On the return trip, we get in close, hug the rugged coastline, and explore places only these powerful Zodiacs get into! We show you natural blowholes, exposed lava tubes, poke our nose into sea caves! You get to see the beautiful colors and striations of the lava up close – and have a blast while learning all about our island.

Our 5 hour “Beat the Crowd” mid-day trip includes all of that plus a deli lunch and extra time in the water as well as more time to spend with any marine life we encounter! Leaving at 10:00 am gets us to Kealakekua Bay when other tour operators are getting ready to leave, meaning we spend the majority of our time there between their morning and afternoon trips with the bay being less crowded.

If swimming with dolphins is your goal, join us for our 3 hour dolphin swim! Imagine your first sighting of a pod of Hawaiian spinner dolphins. Our Zodiac approaches cautiously and then suddenly there they are amazingly close, right next to the raft. Your captain, careful not to disturb them, follows along as they circle their resting area. As your captain briefs you on proper protocol, you suit up in a mask and fins and then when the time is right, slip into the water and gently float in the vicinity of the dolphin pod, hoping they will approach. Then it happens, the pod moves closer and you see them gliding along beneath you. You see a “keiki”, a young baby dolphin, keeping close to its mother. You hear the “clicks” of their sonar and it seems like they are looking right at you! Captain Zodiac follows NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) recommendations for safe encounters with marine mammals.

During the winter and early spring, the Humpback whales come back to Hawaii to mate and give birth. Encountering them on a 24-foot Zodiac boat is an experience of a lifetime! Our 3 hour whale watch adventures take place between late December and April. When we see the puff of a blow hole off in the distance, Our fast moving Zodiacs can zip out closer and get into position quickly while providing an exhilarating and fun ride. The low profile and high maneuverability have been recognized as the best way to explore the marine environment.

Our captains are expert captains, naturalists, geologists, historians, and some like to think that they are stand up comedians! But, above all, they are pirates! We guarantee that you will be laughing from the minute you step off the dock into the Zodiac. So if you want to do the “funnest, most awesome, and the best tour ever!”, then please join us on Captain Zodiac!!

Shelby B
Joined: May 2016
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Captain Zodiac is the perfect summer activity. The staff is the nicest you'll meet and makes sure you feel comfortable. They take you from the Kona coast down to the eastern coast for a snorkel adventure. The snorkeling is clear and absolutely stunning. The zodiac provides equipment and snacks when you are done snorkeling. When you are going back up towards the Kona coast, you get a tour of everything you could possibly want to see and more. It's the perfect thing to do for locals or tourists.
Heather M
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 57
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Visited in 2011. Departed out of Kailua-Kona area and ventured down to Captain Cook monument. While en route our 'captain' spotted several pods of dolphins playing and he took the zodiac closer to them. It was neat to see them playing up close and to hear their chirps! Regarding Captain Cook, it was very interesting to hear more about Cook and his men finding Hawaii and the struggles that ensued. The cove/bay is also a great spot for snorkeling, which we were permitted to do for about 45 minutes!
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