Sleeping Giant - Nounou Mountain

Sleeping Giant - Nounou Mountain
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Address Haleilio Rd, Kapaa, HI 96747
Resembling a giant stretched out on his back, this mountain is best known as Sleeping Giant.

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The Kapaa area of Kaua'i is backed by the Nounou Mountain range, which eerily resembles a "Sleeping Giant" laying on its back. Once you see the giant it's easy to see why this is commonly called Sleeping Giant Mountain.

Legend says that this area was once the setting for a battle between powerful warrior chiefs known as 'Aikanaka and Kaweloleimakua back in the 17th century. One legend says the giant is Puni who fell asleep on the ridge and turned to stone and has remained there to this day.

Another says that the giant was tricked into eating heavy lava rocks that were hidden in fish ponds and poi fields. The giant soon took a nap and has never awoken.

If you'd like to hike up Nounou Mountain you can do so via the Nounou-East Trail / Sleeping Giant Trail, Nounou-West Trail, or Kuamo'o Nounou Trail. The trails aren't for everyone but the views from the top are incredible.

This place is part of the Wailua Heritage Trail.