Oahu Factoids

Oahu Factoids
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Fun facts you probably didn't know about Oahu, the gathering place.

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Oahu, also known as The Gathering Place and home to Waikiki, is full of fun and interesting factoids and other tidbits of information. Read this article and you'll soon be an expert on the ins and outs of Oahu, Hawaii.

  • Island color: Yellow

  • Island flower: Ilima

  • Oahu has 112 miles of coastline, is 44 miles long, 30 miles wide, making it around 597 square miles in size and the third largest of the Hawaiian islands.

  • Located on the Waianae Range, the tallest point on the island is Mount Ka'ala at 4,003 feet.

  • It's the most populated island with over 950,000 residents. This is the reason we also have the worst traffic of any island, and even of most states on the mainland!

  • Oahu is home to Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the United States, as well as Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial.

  • This is where world famous Waikiki Beach is located, but did you know that Waikiki Beach is actually made up of several beaches? You can see them all here.

  • Almost as famous as Waikiki is Diamond Head State Monument. British sailors thought the sparkling rocks on Diamond Head were, well, diamonds. Turns out they where just calcite crystals which don't have diamond-like values.

  • Official languages here include English and Hawaiian but you'll find a variety of other languages spoken in this melting pot of cultures.

  • The main airport on Oahu is Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL).

  • The weather here is excellent year round with an average daytime temperature around 85 F and average night time lows around 75 F. Winter temperatures are usually a few degrees cooler. Read more about Hawaii Weather.

  • Ocean temperatures range from around 71 F to 81 F year round.

  • The capital city, which is also the state capital, is Honolulu.

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