Get Rid Of Sunburn

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Did you go and get sunburned on your Hawaii vacation? Read on for the cures to sunburn.

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If you didn't take our advice on how to Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Skin Cancer and got a sunburn then this article is for you. Being sunburn on any normal day is never fun, but being sunburn while on your Hawaiian Vacation is worse.

What Is Sunburn?

It's just that an actual burn. In this case it's from the suns incredibly powerful and harmful ultraviolet rays. Over exposure to those rays is easy, especially on beach days, and can easily burn you.

Sunburn Treatment Options

Below is a list of various options to treat your sunburn and help ease the pain.

Avoid The Sun
The most obvious thing to do now is to stay out of the sun. If you're going to be outside where light clothing but something that covers your skin. Otherwise, stay inside and enjoy some air conditioning to keep you cool.

Keep Skin Cool
When you have a sunburn your skin will feel hot. Keeping your skin cold can help ease the pain. Try taking a cold shower to cool things down. If the shower is too painful then try a bath. You can also try a cold washcloth laying on your skin, maybe with a fan flowing over you. Avoid using soap on your skin as it can dry your skin by sucking out the oils, slowing the healing process.

Drink Up
Water that is. Drink plenty of water when you have a sunburn. Water will help keep you hydrated and cool at the same time.

Aloe Up
Keep your skin well moisturized using an aloe based gel or cream. If you have an aloe plant handy you can actually break off a piece of it and squeeze the aloe right on your skin.

If you still find yourself in a lot of pain it might be time to call a doctor. Some sunburns are so intense that medical treatment may be needed. It's better to seek medical advice than to take a bunch of over the counter medications that may not help your burn anyhow.

For many light burns the worst of the pain will go away in 24-48 hours. If the burn is worse it could take several days. Once the pain is gone and your skin starts to heal, be sure to read up on how to Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Skin Cancer.