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Indoor, electric kart racing. Incredibly fun, high speed thrills.

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About K1 Speed
For the best indoor go-kart racing in Hawaii, look no further than K1 Speed! Our K1 Speed Kapolei center, situated within an easy drive of Honolulu and accessible from all of Oahu, provides individuals of all ages with the opportunity to experience the thrill of indoor karting themselves. Put simply, there’s nothing else like it! Visit our center today and see for yourself – be warned though, speed can be addictive!

The premise behind the creation of K1 Speed was to offer enthusiasts and amateurs alike an authentic and genuine racing experience in a safe, comfortable, accessible and perhaps most importantly, unique environment. Utilizing advanced European electric karts and indoor asphalt tracks, K1 Speed quickly developed a reputation as being fun and exciting, and our growth has been continuous since we first opened our doors. In addition to our Arrive and Drive racing option, which allows individuals to visit our indoor karting centers anytime and experience the thrill of racing, we also offer racing leagues and a variety of packages for corporate events and group parties, which have proven quite popular. To meet the needs of customers and kart racing enthusiasts who demand more, we also have a Pro Shop - K1 Race Gear - which carries everything that a karter might need to compete at the track. At K1 Speed, our goal is to be synonymous with karting, and we think that we are on our way!


Established in 2003.

Established in 2003 K1 Speed opened its first location in 2003 in Carlsbad CA. Now we are one of the premier karting companies in America. With kart racing centers in Southern and Northern California, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Texas and several more facilities planned for the near future, K1 Speed brings the thrill and excitement of indoor karting to a large audience. Offering highly-advanced and environmentally-friendly electric karts as well as large indoor entertainment venues that feature authentic racing memorabilia, pit cafes, meeting rooms and pool tables, K1 Speed is a great place to visit with family and friends or to host a corporate event or party.
Full Description
K1 Speed is an indoor go-kart style race track. But these aren't your typical slow speed karts as these are powered by a 20 HP electric motors and can hit speeds up to 45 MPH. If you're over 48" or taller you can drive but will be restricted to around 20 MPH and race with other "junior" racers. If you're 58" or taller you'll be able to drive at the "adult" level and the karts go much, much faster.

K1 Speed offered us a chance to come and experience karting which was a first for me (assuming Mario Kart doesn't count). You start by purchasing your license which costs $6 per year. You need this to race and then purchase races to put on your license. A single race (16 laps) runs around $20, 2 races around $35, and 3 races around $45. They have weekday specials and other deals that can reduce the price further. You can also rent the facilities for birthdays, corporate events and team building, bachelor parties, and other functions.

The actual race process is pretty straightforward. You get a safety briefing first that explains what the various flags mean. Then you get a tour of the kart and how to buckle in, adjust the seat, and operate the controls. It's all pretty simple and the staff are very helpful, friendly, and happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

You then put on a head sock and then a helmet. The sock basically keeps your sweat out of the helmet, which is a good thing, and both sock and helmet are supplied by K1 Speed. You then hop in your kart and are let loose with other drivers (or alone if nobody is waiting).

You're not racing against the other drivers directly but against the clock. Your lap times are recorded automatically and displayed for everyone to see. All of the usual bumping, drifting, and other shenanigans are frowned upon and will get you booted off the track. So it's all quite safe considering your butt is traveling at 45 MPH just inches above the ground. If somebody spins out or otherwise has an issue, the staff instantly kill the electricity or slow the cars as needed. Again, very safe for high speed racing.

The karts are easily to control but do require some arm and hand muscle, especially at high speeds around tight corners. It only takes a lap or two to pick up on the controls and you'll feel like a pro after that. It's literally 16 laps of white knuckle thrills and some of the most fun you could legally have. One race was enough and I left it sweating from the adrenaline rush. Now I wish I could go back and do it all again. Fortunately, I can. And will. Soon.

If you have any desire to drive fast (legally) then this is the place for you. Even young kids were having a ball in the junior races and this is a great way to introduce them to the fun world of racing. Even if you're not a race fan (and I'm not), this is a must try activity. It would also be fun for families to do since you can compete with each other and every drive gets a print out after their race showing their lap times and overall standings. Neat!

Melissa D
Joined: Oct 2015
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If you're addicted to speed and live on Oahu where you get stuck in traffic for hours each day then this is the place to come and let loose. It's cheap and a lot of fun. These little karts go really fast but it never feels unsafe. Love karting so much now.
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
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In a word - exhilarating. Not sure how I missed cart racing in my life, but better late than never. Tucked away in the industrial section of Kapolei, near the Kalaeloa Airport, is a hidden treasure for adrenaline junkies.

The night before, I met Sage, the manager of K1 Speed. We started talking about cart racing, and he invited me to take a test spin around the track. I thought - what the heck sounds like fun. I had no idea what was in store for me.

As I was driving my pokey SUV to the K1 Speed Raceway, the mood was relaxed and mellow. Chilling to the the island sounds of Hapa on the radio. The temperatures outside were sweltering from an insanely humid tropical depression hitting Oahu. A day most people wouldn't want to do ANY outdoor activity. Just way too hot, way too humid

So, walking into the huge air conditioned indoor racetrack was a fantastic. The carts are battery operated. No fumes or emissions - Eco Friendly!!

Now, I know in Hawaii we love to play outdoors, but having an indoor big kid activity such as this is blessing. Especially in Kapolei.

The facility is quite large. The race track is not straight at all Very bendy and curvy. The high pitched sound of carts echoes throughout the building. There are about a couple dozen carts to fit children to the big guys.

Upon arrival, we checked in to a nice employee who helped sign us up and get going. Individual races (about 15 laps or so) are priced at $11. The more races you purchase, the cheaper the unit cost, so it's best to buy at least 3 races. It's fun. You'll want to have more than one race.

Prior to racing, an instructor guides you through the various rules and regulations of the track. Nobody needs to get hurt, and a few basic rules such as letting people pass who are "pro" at the game is part of the instruction. Also, it's important to know what each of flags mean. Just like the Indy races, there's a guy out there waving flags to slow you down, or wave the checkered flag.

At this point, I could feel the blood blood pumping. It's getting real. I took a look at my new Apple Watch and saw the heart rate gradually increasing. Shouldn't have eaten all that salty food before the race. Damn. Adrenaline is kicking in.

Next, we put on a sterilized "head sock" to prevent your skin and face from actually touching the helmet. Never thought about it, but helmets could be pretty gross without a sheath.

Next, the instructor helps find a cart that for your body size. We have a lot of big boyz in Hawaii, and K1 Speed has all sizes of carts.

After strapping in, and a brief tutorial on how to operate the race vehicle, our group of racers pull out onto the track. I was wondering why the cart was going so slow in the beginning. I found out later that the staff can remote control the speed of the carts for safety reasons. At the beginning of the race, the carts go slowly until the green light is given and the carts are allowed to throttle up.

I was blown away at how much power the carts have. After hitting a few curves and hearing the wheels squeal around, reality was kicking in - this isn't any old soap box derby. These carts can really go!

To be honest, I had a personal goal to beat Matt (see main article), but his decades of video game skills came in handy here. I had him for a the first few laps, but then his gonads started to grow and be became more confident hitting the curves. I couldn't have him beat me at this. No way, so I throttled hard into a big sweeping curve, then applied the break on the inner rail. Oh man, I skidded out of control and the cart did a 180.

Crap. The course instructor who can control the speed of the carts slowed down all the other racers to a crawl until I could turn the cart around and get back in the race. Rookie move - I hung my head in shame.

Fortunately, the rail boundaries to the track are equipped with springs, so if you crash into one, the impact is pretty minor. In fact, You'd have to try pretty hard to hurt yourself racing. It's a thrill ride that gives you control of your experience.

In the end, Matt's fastest time was better than mine, so he was the theoretically beat me, although if I didn't wipe out on that curve on lap 8, I'm sure I would have smoked him.

Think of a similar activity that all ages can participate in that has such an adrenaline boosting thrill. Bumper cars? Nope. Autopia at Disneyland - not even close. Cart racing is the gateway drug to Le Mans, I say. Heading home, the radio was blasting Def Leppard. Enough said.
Nikki H
Joined: Sep 2015
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The bf and I come here every couple of months for a friendly little competition that we have going on. It's lots-o-fun to race around. I like that it's indoors so you are not out in the sun. All around it is a great time and worth the price which is actually pretty cheap.
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