K1 Speed

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Phone (808) 682-7223
Address 91-1085 Lexington St, Kapolei, HI 96707
Indoor, electric kart racing. Incredibly fun, high speed thrills.

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K1 Speed is an indoor go-kart style race track. But these aren't your typical slow speed karts as these are powered by a 20 HP electric motors and can hit speeds up to 45 MPH. If you're over 48" or taller you can drive but will be restricted to around 20 MPH and race with other "junior" racers. If you're 58" or taller you'll be able to drive at the "adult" level and the karts go much, much faster.

K1 Speed offered us a chance to come and experience karting which was a first for me (assuming Mario Kart doesn't count). You start by purchasing your license which costs $6 per year. You need this to race and then purchase races to put on your license. A single race (16 laps) runs around $20, 2 races around $35, and 3 races around $45. They have weekday specials and other deals that can reduce the price further. You can also rent the facilities for birthdays, corporate events and team building, bachelor parties, and other functions.

The actual race process is pretty straightforward. You get a safety briefing first that explains what the various flags mean. Then you get a tour of the kart and how to buckle in, adjust the seat, and operate the controls. It's all pretty simple and the staff are very helpful, friendly, and happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

You then put on a head sock and then a helmet. The sock basically keeps your sweat out of the helmet, which is a good thing, and both sock and helmet are supplied by K1 Speed. You then hop in your kart and are let loose with other drivers (or alone if nobody is waiting).

You're not racing against the other drivers directly but against the clock. Your lap times are recorded automatically and displayed for everyone to see. All of the usual bumping, drifting, and other shenanigans are frowned upon and will get you booted off the track. So it's all quite safe considering your butt is traveling at 45 MPH just inches above the ground. If somebody spins out or otherwise has an issue, the staff instantly kill the electricity or slow the cars as needed. Again, very safe for high speed racing.

The karts are easily to control but do require some arm and hand muscle, especially at high speeds around tight corners. It only takes a lap or two to pick up on the controls and you'll feel like a pro after that. It's literally 16 laps of white knuckle thrills and some of the most fun you could legally have. One race was enough and I left it sweating from the adrenaline rush. Now I wish I could go back and do it all again. Fortunately, I can. And will. Soon.

If you have any desire to drive fast (legally) then this is the place for you. Even young kids were having a ball in the junior races and this is a great way to introduce them to the fun world of racing. Even if you're not a race fan (and I'm not), this is a must try activity. It would also be fun for families to do since you can compete with each other and every drive gets a print out after their race showing their lap times and overall standings. Neat!