Moanalua Gardens

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Address 2850 A Moanalua Rd, Honolulu, HI 96819
A 24 acre park. Home of the famous "Hitachi Tree".

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Matt Anderson's Take
Moanalua Gardens is a nice, peaceful park. It's a huge grassy area surrounded by enormous Monkeypod trees. It's well maintained and just a nice place to relax or have a picnic.

Animals are not allowed here. Try telling that to the birds and ducks that seem to thrive here. What makes this park unique, aside from the fact that it has its own gift shop, is the Hitachi Tree. That famous tree you've likely seen in various commercial for the Hitachi Group.

What was once free will become a place that charges admission. Starting April 15, 2015 the fee to enter will be $3 for non-Hawaii resident adults and $1 for Kamaaina and military. Kids 12 and under are free. The fees are to pay for maintenance and restoration work. So much for Hitachi Group "committed to taking care" of this place as their sign says.

If it was free it would be 5 stars for being exactly what it promises to be, a park. I could do without the gift shop but I'll overlook that. Charge me to come here and it's barely average at best.

According to the sign...

Moanalua Gardens has been a place for the enjoyment of the people of Hawaii and its tourists. The gardens are home to majestic trees over 100 years in age and the summer cottage of King Kamehameha V built during the 1850s. The relevance and culture of historic Moanalua continues in Moanalua Gardens today.

One of the huge Monkey Pod Trees is often referred to as the "Hitachi Tree" and it is a symbol of Hitachi Group. Hitachi Group is a globally active corporate group and which has a vast range of activities: managing infrastructures, producing electrical appliances, parts, and materials, distribution, also financial services, and so much more. The "Hitachi Tree" represents Hitachi Group's contribution to society through combined technologies and it is also featured in T.V. commercial and other corporate communications. Now, the "Hitachi Tree" is familiar to many Japanese people beyond generations and regions, and place a very important role in connecting Hitachi Group to their customers.

Hitachi Group hopes the "Hitach Tree" will become a familiar tree globally. Hitachi Group is committed to taking care of these beautiful, green gardens as a recreational venue and a place of relaxation for all people to enjoy.
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Matt Anderson
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Tom T
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I love the big Monkey Pod Trees in Moanalua Gardens. It's not exactly on the top of my list for tourist attractions, but it sure has a lot of tour vehicles in the parking lot thanks to the Hitachi Tree. The Hitachi Tree is impressive, and may be worth a trip if you like this sort of thing.

On the downside, the park is located right next to the freeway, and it's really noisy. With headphones to block out the noise, this Moanalua Gardens would be a 5.

Located about 30 minutes outside Waikiki, Moanalua Gardens is a popular park for locals and tourists. It's most famous for it's huge Monkey Pod tree, which Hitachi has paid paid for the naming rights. It's a peaceful park with a small stream and a koi pond. There is also a large open grassy area. There are plant varieties not only from Hawaii, but around the world.

This property was originally enjoyed by the Kamehameha royal family, and King Kamehameha V had a cottage constructed here in the 1850s. There's also a small gift shop that sells snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.
Shan O
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It's just a park with a famous tree. I didn't even remember this tree at first but then, after having it explained to me, I realized it was on some TV commercials a while back. It's a nice enough park and the big trees are neat but not really a must see thing for me.
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