Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail Hike

Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail Hike
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Address 7455 Kalaniana ole Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96815
Easy, illegal trail with spectacular views of Hanauma Bay.

• General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Hiking • Hiking: Length: 2-3 Miles • Hiking: Level: Moderate • Hiking: Out & Back Trail
• Hiking: Ridge Hike • Sightseeing: Great Views

The Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail Hike is an unsanctioned, and thus illegal, hike near Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and Beach Park in the Honolulu of O'ahu.

So why are we showing you an illegal hike? Because this is a very well known hike that you can find all over the Internet and many places won't tell you it's illegal.

Instead, we're showing you what it's all about in hopes that you'll skip it entirely and simply enjoy it via the photos we've compiled here.

If you ignore our advice and hike this trail anyhow you do so at your own risk of being fined, jailed, or falling to your death (or maybe all three). You've been warned.

The Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail follows a ridge that overlooks the gorgeous Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and Beach Park with excellent views of Hawaii Kai and Koko Head Crater (see Koko Head District Park).

The trail is exposed so if you were hiking it, which you're not, you'd want plenty of Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Skin Cancer. Most who do this hike park their car at Hanauma Bay (It's cheap to park there) then head back toward the ridge.

There is a paved path that leads to the top of the ridge where the view is spectacular. Unfortunately, several hikers have been turned away in recent days with threat of being levied a $500 ticket for trespassing.

While the views are amazing, this is Hawaii and you can find amazing views all over the place. This isn't worth a $500 fine, though it's a shame such amazing land is taken away from the public like this.

As you proceed on the trail, there are coves where locals will set up camp and fish. Continuing along the trail, you'll find a rock bridge, but it takes a bit to get there. Normally, this is where I'd tell you to read Hiking Safety & Essentials before heading out but you won't be heading out for this one, right? And, no, this isn't some sort of "eye wink" as I type this. You really shouldn't go on this hike. Period.