Wet 'N' Wild Hawaii

Phone (877) 357-2480
4.5 stars from 5 reviews
Address 400 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei, HI 96707
Fun water park with many slides, a wave pool, keiki area, and lazy river. Fun for the whole family.

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Full Description
Wet-n-Wild is a great time and the entire family can have fun here and we go here all the time with season passes. On that note, if you plan to go more than once then a season pass is usually the best deal and often doesn't cost much more than a single day pass depending on the promotion they have going. Located in Kapolei on the island of O'ahu, getting to Wet-n-Wild is really easy as it's right off the H1 (the main road in that area) and you can see it long before you reach it. They're also now home to Chief's Luau.


Got little kids? Keiki Kove is for the smallest of children with mini water slides, water showers, buckets dumping water, and water cannons all in less than twelve inches of water and all supervised with lifeguards. Slightly older kids (pre-teens) will enjoy Water World Playground which has some bigger slides and slightly deeper play areas.

Bigger kids (teenagers and up) will enjoy a variety of water slides that range from fairly low on the thrill-o-meter to poop your pants scary! Don't believe me? Try the Tornado (the giant red funnel "icon" of the park that you can see miles away) on a windy day. Just making the climb up the mountain with a giant wind sail (your 2 or 4 person raft) on blazing hot steps is all the thrill you need! Most of the other attractions are fun but not really scary unless you and high places aren't the best of friends.

There is a wave pool that operates for short periods with long rests in between. It's fun when it is going but waiting in between runs is no fun at all so you'll go ride something else only to finish and realize you are missing the waves again. Rinse, repeat. Not sure why they can't make this attraction work longer each time and have shorter breaks in between runs. There is also a massive tube shortage here so most people won't get tubes to use and instead will be squashed by those in the tubes. This attraction packs them in which makes it far less fun than it could be if it were larger.

The lazy river is a good way to cool off (because it's usually kind of cold) while relaxing. It's quite possible the world's slowest lazy river or maybe it's just on Hawaiian time but it barely even has a current. Expect a major tube shortage here with lines of people waiting at the entrances to get tubes as others get off. As you can imagine, with tons of kids around this isn't the finest example of the honor system at work so expect to be cut off and have little brats stealing what should be your tube. Roll with it, it's an epic lesson in patience.


You can't bring food or drinks into the park. If you get hungry or thirsty you will find a few fast food and drink options in the park to keep you going.

An Amazing Story

I watched an 80 pound teenage girl (lifeguard) save the life of a grown man on the Flyin' Hawaiian slide (which is a short slide that dumps you into 12 feet of water after a 10 foot or so drop off, see photo above).

I was standing at the end of the slide next to the lifeguard when a grown man hit the water. It looked like everyone else that came down but in less than 1 second the lifeguard dove in and was under the cloudy water for a long time (30 seconds or so is a long time in this situation!). They must have been at the very bottom (12ft deep) because I couldn't see either of them and myself and a dozen others were in disbelief as to what was going on. Just then, a male lifeguard came flying over the water like a superhero and down to the bottom right as the female was bringing up the grown man.

The grown man was awake but not moving, not fighting, and not helping the lifeguards in any way, and that's when it was obvious he had some sort of medical or mental health issues. They helped him out where some lady that he was clearly with walked him away (not even sure there was a thank you given). This female lifeguard literally saved this man's life without the slightest hesitation. I still don't know how she knew this guy was even in trouble, but she knew. She was worn out and had clearly used every bit of her energy to bring the full sized grown man to the surface. She was clearly freaked out yet calm about what just happened and what she did at the same time. It was pretty amazing to see and then it was pretty much business as usual after that and she then went back to being laser focused on anyone else coming down the slide (to the point where I didn't even want to disturb her with praise). Somebody give that girl a raise, or a job-well-done, or at least a high five!

Nicole L
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Very small, hope your legs are strong! Lots of climbing!
Matt A
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There is plenty to like here as the slides and water attractions are a lot of fun. All of that is what you'd expect and there is plenty of good here but also stuff that needs to be addressed.

1. The prices are high even by Hawaii standards. Park admission is high and you'll pay to park your car on top of that. The food prices inside are also quite high.

2. The food inside isn't good, it's bad fast food served by teens that look like they should be a lot cleaner than they are and are usually screwing around with each other rather than paying attention to customers.

3. The ground gets insanely hot so bring slippers and expect to wear them all over. I never understand how waterparks thing pouring tons of concrete is a good idea. There are better options or at least put some sail shades up to keep the sun off the concrete paths.

4. The operating hours get odd and short here, at least during non-peak seasons. Sometimes they'll rotate attractions as well so one set is on while another is off and then they switch (to save on personnel and operating costs I'm sure).

5. The water quality always feels below average. The water is usually quite cloudy and filled with leaves and other debris. Certainly they can do better?

6. Finding a place to put your stuff down is nearly impossible on busy days and very difficult on most other days. First off, there aren't tons of lounge chairs or tables around and most guests feel the need to rudely grab a chair for every single person in their group even if half of them will never use the chair. Why do people do this? Your 4 pre-teens and 6 month old don't all need their own lounge chairs so why the crazy land grab? Second, some areas will be roped off and reserved for the large tour busses that bring the tourists here. Why is this? It doesn't seem fair and is even more annoying when you see 20 empty chairs that nobody is using in those areas.

7. The final annoyance is the near constant whistle blowing from the lifeguards. Each one has a whistle glued to their mouth so they can blow it anytime somebody does something wrong. In the kid areas this means you get to hear non-stop whistles...all...day...long! They blow them as if the 5 year old committing the crime is going to look at them to see, much less care, what he did. And chances are good his parents are far away or just oblivious to it all. Still, they blow the crap out of those whistles and your ear is all but guaranteed to be within inches of one at all times.
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Wet n wild was a fun day out with the family! Wasn't cheap to get it but we had a great day. Very busy and we had to wait a lot some water slides were great took us a long time to wait for food but overall the kids had fun in the water and I loved the lazy lagoon would go back was an awesome and fun day.
Jewel A
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This place is fun. I remember one time my mom was just sitting down watching my baby nephew have fun in the kitty section. After taking my brother in law on the tornado, I decided to make my mom do it too. She was whining saying she didn't want to get up and she didn't have on the right things. When she got up there, and made her way into the tube, boy was she in it now. I was hoping she wouldn't have to be the one falling back first, but what do you know, she did. We hollered so loud. She was laughing and screaming with her eyes shut tight. When we got to the end she looked at me and said, "let's do it again!".

Now when we pass Wet N' Wild and see the red cone, she said it makes her laugh and smile. We don't go as often as we would like because it's a little pricy. There's also no outside food or drinks allowed (with the exception of baby things I believe). It can also be hot and sometimes crowded. But when we do go, we are sure to have a good time (even if we wait in lines!) If you can go, I would say to go. I think the locals like it a bit more because we get the beach 365 days of the year.
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This is a pretty awesome place and lots of fun.
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