Koko Kai Mini Beach Park (China Walls)

Koko Kai Mini Beach Park (China Walls)
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Address 2 Hanapepe Pl, Honolulu, HI 96825
Known as China Walls, it's a cliff overlooking the ocean.

• Facilities: Grassy Area • Parking: Street only • Good For: Sunsets • Surfing Level: Advanced

Koko Kai Mini Beach Park is a very small grassy area between houses in a residential area, it's as if you are literally hanging out in somebody's small yard. If you follow the stepping stones towards the ocean you'll be able to work your way down to what the locals call China Walls. Note that there is no sandy beach here, no water access, and no facilities.

First off, China Walls is basically a rock face along the ocean and if you are very careful you can follow the path part way down here. Should you do this? Probably not as it's not for everyone and it requires some minor climbing down via some "stairs" where it's easy to fall (though you won't fall far right here, that fun comes in a bit). If you have kids, just skip this place completely, they don't belong here.

If you are looking for amazing views and up for adventure then work your way down the 10-15 foot descent and must stay on the areas where it is dry. See, what usually happens is people climb down too far and get too close to the edges and then, out of nowhere, a wave comes along and knocks them into the ocean and slams them into the rocks along the way. As they try to swim to get out another waves comes and bashes them back into the rocks. They panic as it happens again and some locals end up dragging them out, if they're lucky and somebody is actually there to even help them.

It may look safe to stand in certain areas but eventually a big wave will come along and sweep you right in so just stay away from the edge and any wet areas. It's not worth a broken leg, or death, on your vacation. Think you know best? Then knock yourself out and give it a go and we'll chalk up the rest to natural selection or survival of the fittest.

As for those kids you see jumping off the 15 foot cliffs and into the ocean? They're either locals that know what they're doing or tourists that don't have a clue. Either way, don't do it, because there are already countless stories of people who made bad decisions here. Some of those end in death. You've been warned.

This is also a hot surf spot and you'll see advanced surfers and boogie boarders doing their thing here and they'll make it look way easier than it actually is. Just relax and enjoy the view and generally craziness of what others do here. Besides, somebody needs to stay alive to make the 911 call.

Getting here is easy, but parking might not be. Get yourself near the cul de sac shown on the map next to the pin point that marks this location but note that you cannot park in the cul de sac or right on Hanapepe Place so instead look for street parking on Hanapepe Loop. Park and walk to the cul de sac and you'll see the blue beach access sign.