Papaoneone Beach

4 stars from 7 reviews
Address 84-978 Farrington Hwy, Waianae, HI 96792
Hidden gem. Beautiful clear, blue waters. Often not heavily used.

• Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Poor / Few
• Good For: Bodysurfing • Good For: Snorkeling
• Good For: Sunsets

Full Description
Papaoneone Beach is a great little hidden beach that's about 1/4 of a mile long with clear blue waters located along the Waianae coast on the island of O'ahu.

In the winter you'll find some really large waves while in the summer it's often quite calm. This can be a good place to snorkel on those calm days and a great place to body surf when it's slightly less than calm.

The south half of the beach is located behind a few tall condominium style buildings and they won't let you park in their lot to use this beach. Instead, you'll want to park in the dirt area on the ocean side of the road right at the Jade Street T-intersection. Then follow the little trail right to the beach and enjoy. If that area is full you can find some street just north on Moua St.

The south end of the beach, near the tall buildings, seems to be the best spot if you want to play in the water while the north end has a fairly rock bottom. You won't find any facilities here but there are a few fast food options (with bathrooms if you buy some food) a couple of miles south on the Farrington Highway.

Papaoneone is rarely used during the week and has beautiful clear, blue waters and is worth a look. Just remember, there is no lifeguard here.

Erica M
Joined: Jan 2019
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As soon as you enter it’s now filled with homeless tents and has a bad odor. Def not recommend.
Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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This is a pretty amazing beach that just doesn't get used a lot, at least not during the week. In the summer, when things are calmer, this is an amazing beach to play at.
John G
Joined: Jan 2017
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This is definitely my favorite "hidden gem" and best beach of Oahu. It is the most relaxing and safest place on the Leeward Coast (not that the rest of the coast is dangerous, per say), but it has gotten this reputation simply because it is where over ninety percent of the Native Hawaiians reside, and you won't find any high end retail shops, such as is the case in Waikiki. You will also not find the the high costs associated with all other parts of Oahu, yet it is clearly the most amazing beach you will find on the island.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that the last two commercial buildings on the leeward coast are located on this beach, which keeps the locals away, and secondly the two condominiums are made mostly of retired / semi-permanent residents, and residents who don't frequent the beach as often as vacationers So, don't be surprised if you are sitting on the beach completely alone during the weekdays. Aft first glance it would appear that the area is indeed a private beach because you can't get to it from either one of the condominiums (you need a key). However, I just learned you simply need to park down the road a ways a walk into the area through one of the many public right of ways.

In the winter you will will find the huge surf. In the summer you can't find water that is this clear. The best thing about this beach is by far the sunsets. The sun sets directly into the Pacific Ocean each day as it faces directly west. Each sunset brings about a fascinating light show, and will definitely bring you closer to understanding the Aloha Spirit. The only reason I am not giving this beach five stars is because there are no public restrooms and not many restaurants. However, that could be seen as a positive or a negative because if those two things were available, I doubt you would find all of the other amenities to be so outstanding. The other factor is its relative remoteness to the rest of the island (again, this can be seen as positive and/or negative). Overall, this is the best kept secret in all of Oahu, and I honestly write this review with a bit of trepidation.

However, if you stayed in one of the condominiums, all of the negatives I have just mentioned simply vanish, and you are truly in your own Hawaiian paradise. It is always about seventy five degrees to eighty degrees Fahrenheit during the day and the low never gets below sixty five degrees. There is no reason for air conditioning or heat. The trade winds are constantly blowing and sometimes can be a bit strong, as they come a top the mountains to the east (or behind the beach) and sweep down bringing the cool air from aloft. It is truly paradise on Earth, and my favorite place in Oahu.
Joined: Mar 2016
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Definitely, check out papaoneone beach! Beautiful beach and calm waters To swim in very relaxing beach and not many people. Water was crystal clear and refreshing to swim in! Will definitely be back also great photo opportunities there beautiful views! Check out papaoneone beach! If you love to snorkel this is the place to go!!!
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
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One of my favorite beaches on Oahu. Nice sandy beach with few people typically. Great snorkeling and a small shoreline surf to play in. Can't wait to go back.
Alexandria Z
Joined: Jun 2015
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A smaller quiet and relaxing beach. Great for just floating in the water or relaxing on the shore.
Joined: Aug 2013
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I love Papaoneone and go here a lot and it's usually pretty dead because nobody knows about it. At the far end by the condos, you'll usually see people because they more than likely live there but other than that it isn't used a ton, especially during the week.
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