Pray For Sex Beach (Makua Beach)

4 stars from 9 reviews
Address Farrington Hwy at Makua Valley Rd, Waianae, HI 96792
Long, sandy beach. It's really Pray For Sets Beach. Shaded camping areas available.

• Type: Shady • Sand Type: Powder
• Parking: Good / Plenty • Good For: Sunsets
• Good For: Whale Sightings

Full Description
Pray For Sex Beach wins for best beach name by far but it's not as dirty as you're thinking, but more on that further down. The real name of this beach is Makua Beach which is just a bit north of Kaneana Cave / Makua Cave.

Makua Beach is the second to last beach that you'll find when heading up (north) the Waianae coast (west coast) of O'ahu. This one can be hard to spot from the road so look for the dirt road on the ocean side of the road that is about 1/2 mile north of Kaneana Cave / Makua Cave and just south of the tall lookout tower you'll see on the mountain side of the road. Our map pinpoint marks the turn in.

The dirt road will lead you right into a horrible dirt parking lot that is filled with deep holes and sharp rocks sticking out so go very slow. It's at this point you'll start questioning your decision to pass on the rental insurance. Okay, it's not that bad.

The parking lot here is often a filthy mess and covered in trash. It looks like a dump, literally. All of this trash is slowly blowing towards the ocean and beach where it will all eventually end up. On top of that, on our last visit we could see some kids sitting in an SUV and smoking what was clearly pot (marijuana's bad, or so the man wants us to believe, mmm-kay children).

Forget all of that because the beach here is actually quite nice and really large with powdery sand while the water is really clear and blue. It's really a great beach and virtually unused by anyone during the week considering how far up it is and how it's sort of hidden from the road. If you want a hidden beach and some isolation then this is likely to be what you're looking for. Throw in amazing scenery and you'll forget about the trashy parking area and any shady characters in it. Note that there are no facilities here.

Some other interesting factoids? Behind the beach, on the other side of the road, you'll often see the military training here. As you walk from the parking lot to the beach you'll see some decades-old graffiti on a rock that reads "pray 4 sex" and that's why this beach is sometimes referred to as the "pray for sex beach".

Why is "pray 4 sex" written on a rock? The surfers would head out from this beach and pray for waves, or "pray for sets" of good waves. So what started as "pray for sets" beach got turned into "pray for sex" over the years, then somebody painted that on a rock and a legend was born. So, Makua Beach is also known as Pray For Sets Beach which is also known as is Pray For Sex Beach. Got it?

Laurie T
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I too lived on Makua beach in the early 70's with several other people. So beautiful and clean. When I drive out that way these days it makes me sad when I see all the trash. We kept the place clean. We had bonfires with people singing, I learned the guitar, we went to the crater festivals, it truly was heaven on earth back then.
erica h
Joined: Aug 2017
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I absolutely love this beach. My favorite beach for snorkeling, boogie boarding, sun bathing, and playing in the water with my kids. Kid friendly. Parking is a little rocky but lots of parking available! Beautiful beach. Worth the drive.
Matt A
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This is a truly excellent beach that is often unused. Yes, it a feels a little greasy at times if there are kids and shenanigans going on in the parking lot but I've never felt unsafe here. The water is often very clear and very blue. Toss in a mountain backdrop and this is a fun place to hang out.
Consensus Guy
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Pray For Sex Beach (Makua Beach) has an overall 5 star average from several online reviews.
Tom T
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This is a beautiful west side beach popular with locals for camping. It is unfortunately marred by people who don't pack their trash out. It's sad that such a gorgeous beach has inconsiderate people who won't protect the aina. That said, it does have shaded camp sites backing the ocean and it's good spot for snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, and other water activities. Dolphins often come here to rest as well. Enjoy this beach, but as they say "Take only pictures, and leave only footprints".
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I came out to this beach a few times as my best friends family live out there. It's a great beach for surfing and diving. I'm not the greatest swimmer I felt it was a little dangerous as I kept getting swooped under so ever since I just go to Sunbake. Lots of locals fishing and a lot of people there at night hanging out and drinking not to safe. Beautiful views during the day worth taking a look.
Joined: Jun 2015
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The perfect west Oahu beach for sun, sand, serenity, and solitude. I've been here many times and am often the only one here, at least during the week.
Paydro G
Joined: Sep 2014
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Back in my hippie days, I lived on this beach. You could build a hut legally, which I did, as long as the roof wasn't permanent, so for a roof, I stretched a good tarp and all was dry. It was pretty much heaven...there were perhaps 15-20 huts, so we had a nice little colony going on. There were outhouses and the county picked up the trash, as it was an official state (or county) beach. Like I said heaven.

Now don't get me wrong. I had lived and worked in Waikiki, and also the North Shore. I was a haole, sure, but accepted among the locals. I'd resided there a while, practically lived in the ocean, played guitar and sang, worked for a living, had blond hair down past my shoulders, wore sandals, knew, respected and loved all the local my friend and I, tired of living in the city, scouted around and found Makua. God, it was a beautiful place. They'd filmed some of the movie "Hawaii" there. Because of the way the waves break there, it never became much of a surfing spot--good bodysurfing, but not with a board. So it was pretty secluded, a real place for local family outings. We fished snorkeling style with Hawaiian slings, and pretty much lived off the ocean. I KNOW this place.

We haole hippies kept the beach clean. Much to our shock, the locals would come out on the weekends and trash the place, leaving KFC buckets everywhere, beer bottles (Primo, always), soft drink cans, etc. On Mondays and Tuesdays, we'd slowly clean the place up, the county would pick up the trash, and that was ONE PRISTINE BEACH from Tuesday till the weekend. I know some locals resent some haoles, and for damn good reasons--the US stole the islands, and I mean STOLE--look it up; it's no secret--then sold much of it to wealthy Americans, Chinese and Japanese. But it became a bit of a reverse kind of resentment thing--we beach haoles, while respecting the locals, were ceaselessly amazed at their disregard for trying to preserve a LITTLE bit of the beauty. For bonfires, they'd burn TIRES, this stenchy boiling black thick oily smoke that crawled thru the air like a dark lava-like cancer, either out to sea or back to the land. We REALIZED it was a traditional way to make a celebrating bonfire, but it was so disrespectful of the land and sea and air that I grew weary of the piggishness of the locals, many of whom BURNED with resentment at us--they saw us as wealthy do-nothings who spent their days in lazy dope-smoking, and this simply wasn't true. BUT I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

The locals got the officials to make it illegal to camp long-term. Hippies smoking dope all day, having sex on the beach (Hey, we had to have a LITTLE FUN!), living free, off the county. They got rid of the very people who kept the beach beautiful. It didn't take long AT ALL for the place to totally decline. I was amazed the entire time I spent in the Islands how locals paid lip service to "keep our forefathers' lands beautiful, brah," while they stuffed McD's bags down between rocks, pissed on the beach and tossed Primo bottles out onto the sand. As you can tell from my tone, I was saddened by what I witnessed in this paradise. And I understand the resentment, blah blah, the land taken, the endless welfare rolls, the emasculation of the population, the loss of political and personal power, but the way it gets manifested--the ruination of the native beauty, the violence, the challenge of violence, is endlessly sad to me and actually also manifests in the island geography--hey brah, we'll use this beach for a decade or two, turn it into a dump, then move on to the next. Makua Beach--perfect example. I mean, there's nothing WRONG with the place; rather, it just isn't what it could be. People don't take pride in it. If everyone who used the beach would give ten minutes each time they visited, and I mean only TEN MINUTES, it could be the gem it asks to be. ALOHA
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We come here when we want a beach all to ourselves because during the week there usually is nobody here at all.
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