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Phone (808) 848-5555
Address 811 Middle Street, Honolulu, HI 96819
TheBus is Oahu's public transportation bus system and an easy way to get around many parts of the island.

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TheBus is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around the island if you don't have a rental car. Of course, for most visitors we strongly suggest getting a rental car, see Do I Need To Rent A Car In Waikiki? and Do I Need A Rental Car In Hawaii? for more information.

If you don't have access to a rental car and don't want to spend your money on a cab then it's hard to beat the inexpensive and highly rated bus system that we have here.

TheBus Facts

TheBus transports almost 73 million riders around Oahu each year with an average trip length of 5.2 miles. When looking for a bus stop, look for the yellow TheBus signs. To get picked up, just step up to the sign and wait for the bus to approach. When you want to get off, pull the cord and the bus will stop at the next stop.

All buses are wheelchair accessible and can lower (kneel) down to allow wheelchairs on easily. All buses are equipped with bicycle racks on the front, but you must load and unload your own bike. TheBus stops at many popular Waikiki area attractions (see Waikiki Guide) and other Oahu hot spots.

TheBus Fares

TheBus is pretty cheap and costs $2.50 (exact change is required!) for a one way fare which will also allow you to make up to two additional transfers if needed. You can walk onto a bus, pay your $2.50 in cash, and they'll give you two coupons. If you transfer to another bus that driver will take one coupon, and if you transfer to a second bus the next drive will take your final coupon. You cannot use the transfer coupons to make your return trip.

Note that kids under the age of 5 ride free but you can only have one child per paying adult and that child cannot use a seat.

For many visitors, opting for the 4 day pass for $35.00 is the best option and can be purchased from many Waikiki ABC Stores and Ala Moana Center. This pass will give you unlimited rides for 4 days.

If you're staying longer, a monthly pass can be purchased for $60.00 but it only works in the calendar month that you purchased it in. So if you buy it on the 25th of one money it won't work on the 1st of the next month. These passes can be purchased at several locations including Foodlands, 7-Eleven Stores, and Times Supermarkets.

For residents, annual passes can be purchased for $660.00 but can only be used in the year they're purchased so buying these in January is the best way to go. Buy it in February and you're not getting any price break compared to the monthly pass. Buy it in March or later and it will cost more than monthly passes would for the year.

TheBus Schedule

There are a variety of ways to get information on where the buses will stop and at what times.

If you have a mobile phone you can use their mobile site at or grab the Android app from the Google Play Store or iPhone app from the iTunes Store. Or just head over to Google Maps which also has bus schedules and is an app you probably have on your phone already.

Visitors in Waikiki should check out TheBus Waikiki Guide as well.