Kahuku District Park

Kahuku District Park
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Phone (808) 293-5116
Address 56-170 Pualalea St, Kahuku, HI 96731
A park used by locals from Kahuku for sporting events and activities.

• General: Cost: Free • General: Dog Park / Dog Friendly • General: Kid Activities • General: Park / Playground

Located across Kamehameha Hwy from the Food Trucks, Kahuku District Park is geared toward the local community for activities and sports. There is a large open grassy area for field sports such as soccer or football with large tower lights for evening events. There are tennis and basketball courts. The basketball courts are a bit run down with a few of the hoops missing a net. There is a sad little flat skate area, that sadly doesn't have a ramp or slope to ride. It looks more like a dogs pen at the kennel.

There are a few picnic tables and benches, but few trees to provide shade. There are a few palm trees that line the exterior of the large grassy open area. There's a children's playground with a slide and play area.

The park is closed between 10 PM and 6 AM. There are few rules. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. You're not allowed to bring your dog or any animals to this District Park. No camping is allowed nor our vehicles allowed on the grass. No golfing allowed on the grass open area. Littering is frowned upon and punishable with fines. And commonsense also says no open fires. So be aware that violators are subject to fines or imprisonment or both. Don't mean to scare you but, these are the rules of the Department of Parks and Recreation's for the city and County of Honolulu. Oh, and forgot to mention smoking is prohibited as well, so don't even think about lighting up.

The basketball courts are a bit run down. Many of the hoops don't have nets on them. There is a child's playground. Be sure to wear your sunscreen, there are a few trees for shade in fact only a couple.

The park is located beside Kahuku high school, home of the "Red Raiders" in case you didn't know. On the opposite side of the field you can see Kahuku's now famous windmills generating power for the North Shore.

Kahuku District Park doesn't have the best of facilities as the more resourceful parks near Honolulu or one of the surrounding neighborhoods. But Kahuku is off in the country far away from anything that resembles a city. And although this is far from Hawaii's best District Park, it is enjoyed exclusively by the lovely folks of Kahuku, and I'm certain they are happy to have it.