Kehena Beach

Kehena Beach
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Phone (808) 961-8311
Address Moana Kai Pali St, Pahoa, HI 96778
A black sand, clothing optional beach.

• Type: Nude Beach • Type: Shady • Sand Type: Black • Parking: Poor / Few • Good For: Dolphin Sightings

Kehena Beach, sometimes called Dolphin Beach due to the frequent sighting of Spinner Dolphins, was created by the 1955 lava flow that came through this area, which you'll see all over the place around this area. The lava dries into rock and breaks down into black sand that makes up the beach.

The beach is surrounded by trees and backed by a sheer cliff, so that means getting down here isn't always easy and certainly not for everyone. Parking is available via a small lot near the mile marker #19 and along the road in some spots. You'll then follow a path down to the beach, going slow and being very careful along the way.

At the bottom is a beautiful black sand beach that is popular with the locals. It's also popular with the clothing optional crowd. That's right, this is another unofficial nude beach. With that in mind, it may not be best for kids unless you like answering questions. You'll also want to leave the camera tucked away until you get down there to assess the situation. Nudists and nude beaches sound like a fun time but Victoria's Secret models don't come here so let us assure you, what will be seen here cannot be unseen.

It's a good beach to hang out and enjoy the views but not a place you'll want to swim unless the ocean is very calm. It can be very dangerous during high surf so only enter the water if you know what you're doing and things look okay. Also note that there are no facilities of any kind here.

Also, don't even think about taking home Lava Rock & Sand Souvenirs from this beach unless you're looking to be on the bad end of Pele's wrath.