Olivine Pools

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Address Kahekili Hwy (Hwy 340), at mile marker 16, Lahaina, HI 96767
Beautiful tidepools located on the lower shelf of West Maui's cliffs.

• General: Cost: Free • General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Hiking • Hiking: Length: 1-2 Miles • Hiking: Level: Difficult
• Hiking: Nature Walk • Sightseeing: Great Views

The Olivine Pools are a series of tidepools with a backdrop of Maui's rugged coastline. The upside is that this area is incredibly gorgeous. The downside is that it's so popular that it feels like you never left the resort.

From the top of the ridge, there are beautiful views of Kahakuloa Head along the trail that leads to the overlook of the Olivine Pools.

We don't advise hiking down to this area. We just don't. Raw nature is an amazing thing to experience in person but it's not for everyone. If you choose to ignore that advice then note that this area needs a word (or several) of caution so keep reading!

Be careful on the rocky, crumbly trail that leads to the pools. If it's rainy or muddy - skip this one. Period. The ocean here is open, exposed, and rough. We love the raw beauty of places like this in Hawaii, but this is a place could be deadly if you aren't careful.

Don't go in the pools if the waves are big or the weather is stormy. Also, the waves that crash on the lava walls, while looking absolutely lovely, have injured and even killed people standing too close to the edge. Be safe and check conditions before descending or going near the pools.

And with that said, don't be like this guy, stay out and don't swim here.