Saint Father Damien Of Molokai Sculpture

Saint Father Damien of Molokai Sculpture
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Address 415 S Beretania St , Honolulu, HI 96813
Father Damien sacrificed his life to help the sick on Molokai. There is a bronze sculpture of him made in 1969, and he became known as "Saint Damien of Molokai" in 2009.

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Belgian Priest Joseph DeVeuster arrived in Honolulu and was ordained Father Damien on March 10th, 1864. Damien left for Molokai on May 10th, 1873 at his own request to help those with the disease “leprosy”.

Molokai, at the time, was used as a deportation island for lepers. It was a decision from the Hawaiian Government aimed at stopping the spread of what they thought was an incurable disease. Fr. Damien was determined and convicted to stay on Molokai.

He later caught the disease himself, and died on April 15th, 1889. A bronze sculpture was dedicated to him, and created by Marisol Escobar in 1969 and is located at the entrance to the Hawaii State Capitol building. In 2009, Father Damien became “Saint Damien of Molokai”.