Koko Head Crater Trail

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Phone (808) 395-3096
Address 423 Kaumakani St, Honolulu, HI 96825
It's like a stair master in paradise.

• General: Cost: Free • General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Hiking • Hiking: Length: 1-2 Miles • Hiking: Level: Difficult
• Hiking: Major Elevation Changes • Hiking: Nature Walk • Hiking: Out & Back Trail • Sightseeing: Great Views

Koko Head Crater Trail is a relatively short hiking trail in the Honolulu area on O'ahu. At around 1.8 miles each way but with elevation gains of around 1,000 feet this trail isn't for everyone. In fact, it's often considered to be a difficult hike because it's essentially a stairmaster from start to finish.

Getting here is easy, see our map / directions page for exact location. You'll find parking lots along Anapalu Street and from there it's just a short walk to the Koko Head Crater trailhead.

While most hiking trail are dirt, this one is along a set of old railroad tracks and railroad ties which makes it that much more like walking up an endless staircase. It's said there are 1,048 steps as you work your way up but we're not about to count as we go.

When you make it to the top you'll be around 1,200 feet above sea level with some pretty spectacular views and that's the reason you do this hike. Don't forget a camera on this one because views of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii Kai, and Diamond Head State Monument are truly incredible.

Just remember, you still have to work your way back down at some point. If you're a pro hiker then this is likely a piece of cake for you and you'll probably be one of the people running up and down and flying by the average hikes who are huffing and puffing their way up.

This trail is completely exposed to the sun so going early will be much cooler than attempting this in the afternoon. Regardless of when you go, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Skin Cancer. You'll also want to check the weather and make sure no rain is coming before heading up. If it's rainy or wet this will be a very slippery hike. Finally, always read Hiking Safety & Essentials before you attempt any hike.

The good news is that if things get tough you can simply turn around at any time and head back. We also recommend a good pair of hiking shoes and suggest you avoid trying this one in your slippers (flip flops).