Genki Sushi

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Phone (808) 683-1003
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Address 91-1401 Fort Weaver Rd, Ewa Beach , HI 96706
Conveyor belt sushi restaurant known for inexpensive self serve sushi-go-round dining.

• Food Types: Japanese • Food Types: Sushi
• Payment: $ - Cheap - Under $15 • Payment: $$ - Average - $15 to $30
• Meals: Dinner • Meals: Lunch
• Service Type: Table • Style: Casual
• Style: Family Friendly

Full Description
Genki Sushi is one of the many conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Hawaii. Genki has tables and counter seating which encircle several chefs who prepare the sushi and place it on a "sushi train" which passes in front all the customers.

Different colored plates indicate the price of the sushi which ranges from $1.50 to $4.80 per plate. When you're done, the server simply counts all the blue plates, yellow plates, etc and the bill comes quick. You can also order a freshly prepared sushi from the server. In addition to sushi, they offer salads, cupcakes, noodles, tempura, and sodas.
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