South Point Cliff Dive

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Phone (808) 961-9540
Address South Point Rd, Naalehu, HI 96772
50 ft jump into the waters at South Point on the Big Island.

• General: Cost: Free • General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Hiking • Water Activities: Cliffdiving

The South Point Cliff Dive is a tall cliff that people like to jump off of. Should you go and do this? Of course not, that would be insane! But that won't stop some of you from doing it anyhow. Some say it's 50 feet while others say it's more like 35 feet. Either way, it looks like 100 feet when you're looking over the edge. Rather than suggest anybody try this, here's a description from a brave (insane?) traveler that describes the jump in detail...

This was possibly the scariest thing I've ever consciously done. It's a spot at Ka Lae (South Point) on the Big Island where brave adventurers jump off a 50 foot tall cliff. Looking at how high it was, I thought "No way". But after watching a 20 year old girl make the plunge, it looked like fun and I just had to give it a go.

I knew I had to do it quickly, or I'd freak myself out by looking down. So I went for it. I jumped out, kept my body straight and arms at my side. Piece of cake! The water visibility was very excellent. You could clearly see schools of fish in this pristine area.

There is a cave against the cliff that can only be seen once you're in the water that is simply beautiful. I didn't dare swim toward it because of the swell, but it was a sight I'll never forget.

Climbing the ladder up was far scarier to me than making the jump. It swayed back and forth. If the ladder came crashing down, I'd be a goner because there is no way to get up from the cliffs. Scary thought, actually.

Don't do the jump if the currents are strong or if there is a big swell. Don't do this alone. Ka Lae (South Point) is a solitary area, and it could take possibly hours for help to arrive. And if the winds are strong, it could be pretty scary climbing the ladder. You'll need to be in good shape to pull yourself up.

It's a thrilling thing to do for adventurers, but be smart, know your abilities, and be mindful of the ocean conditions.