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Sea Paradise offers morning and afternoon snorkel tours and the manta ray night snorkel tour in the historic Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island.

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About Sea Paradise Tours and Cruises
We at Sea Paradise want to make your sailing and snorkeling adventure to the Big Island a memorable one! Once you step aboard our spacious 50 ft. catamaran your adventure will begin. Our friendly and professional crew members provide fun historical facts throughout our tours, while also achieving the utmost safety and comfort for our guests of all ages and snorkeling abilities.

Our snorkeling destination at Kealakekua Bay Marine Sanctuary is rated as one of the best in the state. Our Manta Ray Snorkel to the World Famous Manta Ray Village the Travel Channel says "its one of the top ten things to do in your life time”.

So whether you join us for an exciting day tour snorkeling with schools of vibrant sea life and marine mammals, or a night tour snorkeling with the majestic manta rays, you will return home with magical memories of your Sea Paradise tour that will last a lifetime.
Full Description
Sea Paradise offers three types of sailing and snorkeling tours aboard their spacious 50 ft sailing catamaran the Hokuhele.

The Deluxe Morning Sail and Snorkel Tour departs Keauhou Bay at 8:30am and returns at 1pm. On this tour you will enjoy a tropical style breakfast as you sail down the breathtaking Kona Coastline to into the marine sanctuary of Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park. Your snorkeling adventure begins in the vibrant reef of this bay where you will also be able to view the Captain Cook Monument. Enjoy a lunch and beverages, keeping a watchful eye for spinner dolphins that frequent the bay, as you sail to a second snorkeling spot Red Hill (weather permitting) which has unique underwater lava formations such as archways and lava tubes.

The Afternoon Snack, Snorkel and Sail Tour departs Keauhou Bay at 2pm and returns at 5pm. On this tour you will enjoy light pupus (snacks) which include Maui Style Chips, fresh tropical fruits, and beverages. Your snorkeling adventure will begin viewing the Captain Cook Monument in the marine sanctuary of Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park. Make sure to bring an underwater camera to capture the colorful schools of fish and pods of spinner dolphins that are also frequently spotted in the bay.

The Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour sets sail from Keauhou Bay into the setting sun (sailing times vary according to sunset). On the tour you will enjoy light pupus (snacks), fresh tropical fruits, and beverages. After sunset they drop sail and head for the Manta Ray Village to board their manta float. On the manta float, guests are able to get up close and personal with the majestic manta rays as they feed on the plankton swirling under the light source attached to the float.

All skill levels welcome and tours include masks, fins, snorkels, and flotation devices such as life jackets are also available.

Erik G
Joined: Jul 2016
Reviews: 32
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Sea Paradise Tour was amazing. We checked in just down the road from the harbor where we received our boarding pass and some information about the adventure before heading to the harbor. The crew on board where very knowledgeable of the history of Kealakekua Bay. They offered soft drinks, fruit, and other snacks on board. The boat was very comfortable and smooth during the trip.
Mitchell L
Joined: Jan 2018
Reviews: 11
Likes Received: 3
We did the nighttime manta ray dive with Sea Paradise a while back and it was amazing. Truly a unique experience like none other. Dark water isn't my favorite but once the underwater lights come on it wasn't bad at all and seeing these amazing creature in person gives you a whole new respect for the ocean.
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
Reviews: 579
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I have one word of advice for anyone considering visiting the Big Island – go on a night manta ray tour. It’s one of the most unbelievable other-worldly experiences you’ll ever have.

We arrived about an hour before sunset at Keauhou Harbor for our adventure on the catamaran “Hokuhele”. We had already been fitted with our wetsuits at Sea Wind’s store at the Keauhou Shopping Center. The crew greeted us and helped all of the passengers get on the boat. Once on the boat we were given a brief talk about safety and the equipment on the boat.

The bow of the catamaran has a net that spans across the two sides creating an area where you can walk and sit. Well, it’s actually difficult to walk on it, so it’s better to find a spot to sit down. We chose to sit on this area of the boat since most of the passengers were sitting toward the rear on the seats that surround the Hokuhele.

As we headed toward the sunset, the haze or “vog” actually allows you to look into the sun since it’s so thick. The colors of the sunset are always spectacular on the Big Island. We at arrived a spot maybe half mile off shore and just sat and marveled at the beauty. But we are also positioning to get a good spot in front of the Kona Sheraton where the manta rays come out to eat the plankton.

As it began to get darker, the captain and crew began readying the cat for our manta ray snorkel. One of the crew gave an in-depth talk about what we will experience with the manta rays and what we should do when they come near us. He used a toy manta ray demonstrating showing exactly what we should expect to see.

The water was choppy, so it was a bit of a wobbly walk down the steps off the boat into the water. A portable dock with lights shining down was placed in the water before us and we had to swim a short distance out to it. There are bars that surround the dock to hang on while you look straight down at the rays.

I was one of the first in the water and had to go to the far end of the dock. I wasn’t really looking down in the water at this point, but orienting myself and trying to keep the floating noodle they provided under my feet. As soon as I readied myself, the first thing I saw through my mask was “Amanda Ray” right beneath me. I mean I just looked down and she was there. I’m sure it was a timing thing and I happened to be in the right place at the right time, but wow. If I wasn’t in a controlled environment and a creature like that came swimming at me, I would undoubtedly freak out!

Amanda Ray, we were told, frequents the feeding area in front of the Kona Sheraton. Amanda Ray is big, beautiful, and graceful as she glides by circling around us. She looks like the inspiration for spaceships in modern sci-fi movies. Sleek, black and white with a gaping mouth, skimming as much plankton as she can get.

She’s kind of a show-off! She does flybys within an inch of you. In fact, sometimes you have to move back to avoid contacting her. They should have named her “Maverick” from Top Gun the way she does her flybys.

Here are a few suggestions for going on a Sea Paradise Manta Ray tour.

1. If you can, arrive early at the store to get fitted with your wetsuit. I’m not sure if it’s standard procedure, but they allowed us to get fitted earlier in the afternoon because we happened to be in the area.

2. Bring a camera, but leave your GoPro pole in car. Everyone is very protective of the manta rays, and you harm her with your GoPro pole. The mantas get no joke close you, and wouldn’t want to be that guy that pokes her. Would not be cool, and you might get kicked out the water by the captain and crew.

3. If at all possible, schedule a tour when the forecast is for low surf and calm water. It was really choppy that night, so I was a bit nauseous from the surge. That said, the crew did keep us safe, and vigilantly watched over us. I never had a moment when I felt scared.

4. If the water is rough, try to be in the middle of the pack on the floating dock. I was tussled about quite a bit on the end. My wife was toward the middle of the dock and she said that it was much calmer and her experience was epic.

5. Check the settings on your camera before getting in the water. Set your camera to “underwater” mode if you have a point and shoot. If you’re using a GoPro, set the camera to 1080P Superwide. The manta rays are so large, the wide angle makes your shots look best.

6. Bring a towel to dry off. Hawaii’s oceans are so comfortably warm, that you won’t get chilled until you get out of the water.

After about 45 minutes in the water, the crew helped us get back on the boat and treated us to hot chocolate or tea. We had our own snorkel and mask, but most everyone used the gear provided by Sea Paradise. I heard no complaints from guests about a leaky mask or faulty snorkel. Even though the water was choppy, it didn’t diminish from the experience. Everyone we spoke to after the excursion was happy and thought the trip was well worth the money.

Sea Paradise runs a professional operation. The crew was courteous, conscientious, informative and friendly. I would recommend the Sea Paradise night manta ray tour for anyone, but particularly families and groups. The Hokuhele is big a big comfortable catamaran. You can snorkel with fish anywhere in Hawaii, but to see the manta rays close up is truly special.
Joined: Dec 2015
Reviews: 4
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We got to do the morning snorkel that goes out to Kealakekua Bay and couldn't believe how clear the water was. I don't snorkel a lot but I've been out several times and this bay was absolutely amazing. So many fish, so many colors. The boat crew are excellent and very good about keeping things safe and making you feel safe.
Pauly A
Joined: Nov 2015
Reviews: 4
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We checked in at the office (away from departure point) well before the tour started in order to be fitted for our wetsuits, and that was a nice option for us. This was my 3rd Manta Ray excursion at night, the first with this company.

We sailed out on a very nice/clean catamaran that had 38 person capacity. Fortunately for us, there were only about 18 passengers. The crew was competent, giving clear instructions re procedures and safety, making me feel totally comfortable. We departed in time to watch a beautiful sunset. The departure point was very close to viewing area in front of the Sheraton Keauhou, so the ride out was very short :-(

To accommodate all the passengers, floats are linked together. You simply hold on to a bar, (with a noodle under your ankles to hold up your back end) and watch. One of the crew members was in the water with us the entire time to ensure our safety and to escort anyone back to the boat if necessary.

We enjoyed refreshments, and REALLY enjoyed the warm shower after our 45 minute float. Only one manta ray showed up, but that's all one needs to be blown away. Truly beautiful creature and fabulous experience being with her.

My reason for giving this tour 4 stars instead of 5 is purely personal; I prefer a smaller craft with fewer people....quieter, less hoop-la, and better opportunity to be closer to the manta ray since the flotation device isn't as long.
Consensus Guy
Joined: Jul 2013
Reviews: 11148
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Sea Paradise received an overall rating of 4 stars from several dozen reviews.
Joined: Oct 2015
Reviews: 5
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Sea Paradise offers you a nice and cozy tour. The crew was all friendly and helpful. We did the sunset/night snorkel with the Manta Rays. This tour started with a nice sunset in Keauhou Bay. Hot and cold drinks as well as chips and pineapples were provided throughout the tour.

There were about 18 passengers on "Hokuhele", a 50-foot long by 22-foot wide sailing catamaran. As it was not so busy season, there was enough space for everyone.

The briefing and instruction to enter the water was very efficient and helpful. The staff made sure that everyone was safe and comfortable all the time. Their "manta flotation device" was pretty good. You can float effortlessly above the manta rays. They provide you noodles to help you float straight as well.

While everyone was in the ocean, a few staff tirelessly swam around you to assist and cater your needs. They were very good divers as well. As all the customers lined up in two rows, there was not so much intimate and personal atmosphere. You could hear others talking and sometimes a little panicking when they lost their noodles. That may distract you from being in tune with the Manta Rays. However, overall safety, comfort, and efficiency makes this tour quite special and worthwhile.

When we were on this tour, we could see one Manta Rays named Amanda Rays. If you can’t see a Manta Ray on your tour, you can re-book for FREE. The hot shower on the boat was greatly appreciated after seeing the Manta Ray for about 45 minutes in the ocean. Hot Cocoa and Green tea warmed us up too. Lastly, the wetsuit that they provide was thick and warm during the night snorkel. This is another plus. I highly recommend this tour for everyone.
Joined: Sep 2013
Reviews: 168
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We went on the Sunset Sail & Manta Snorkel Tour on the 50 ‘ catamaran “HoKuhele”. Captain John launched out of Keauhou Bay and took us a bit offshore to watch the sunset. It was quite beautiful watching the sunset through the haze of Big Island vog. The area known as “Manta Ray Village” is in front of the Kona Sheraton, not far from where we watched the sunset. It was a very comfortable ride. The “HoKuhele” can carry 38 people but on our tour there were about 18 of us.

After the sunset, it was time to jump in the water to watch the manta rays. They dropped a long flotation device in the ocean tethered to the boat. The flotation device has high power lights that shine into the water. When the plankton floats toward the light, manta rays will swim up to feed on it. The flotation device has a bar around it so we can hold onto it while hovering on our belly with a floating noodle around our ankles. It was actually pretty comfortable floating in that position for 45 minutes.

Before snorkeling, Troy explained how to enter and get back on the boat. He instructed us how to hover over the manta rays while we hold onto the floating dock. His instructions were very methodical and thorough with safety a top priority. Unfortunately, we had high surf that night and the water was pretty rough. But Troy and Peter were in the water with us to make sure everyone was okay and to retrieve the lost noodles whenever one of them got loose from our legs. Back on the boat, Captain John was overlooking everyone in the water. I felt very safe even though the water was rough and we were tossed around a bit.

We saw one manta ray known as Amanda Ray. She was easily recognized by the bent right wing tip which was an injury from fishing line. She was so beautiful. Amanda Ray would swim up towards the light scooping up the plankton with a big open mouth and gracefully do a somersault skimming within inches of us. Her wing span is 6 feet wide. I had to lift my head up a few times to avoid her touching my face. I forgot all about the rough sea and was mesmerized by her graceful dance. I could watch her all day long and not get tired of it. It was one of the most beautiful and touching experience of my life.

I had an amazing experience. I wish the water was calmer, but that gives me an excuse to come back and see Amanda Ray again.
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