Jojo's Shave Ice

Phone (808) 338-9727
5 stars from 7 reviews
Address 9734 Kaumualii Hwy, Waimea, HI 96796
Shave Ice served during lunch and dinner hours in Waimea.

• Food Types: Ice Cream / Shave Ice • Payment: $ - Cheap - Under $15
• Service Type: Counter / Quick • Style: Casual

Brett D
Joined: Mar 2017
Reviews: 56
Likes Received: 1
I love icees (what we call flavored ice) in the summertime when I am at home. So when I was introduced to shave ice, I instantly loved them. Nothing like an icee. I wish we could get these at home. So refreshing after a day on the beach or fishing.
Robin K
Joined: Feb 2017
Reviews: 10
Likes Received: 0
A great place to stop and pick up a quick lunch and milkshake or shave ice. Sometimes they add a little too much syrup to the shave ice and it becomes more like a slushie but all in all a great place for a quick snack. I love that they have a large selection (60) of shave ice flavours.
Sue K
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 196
Likes Received: 9
I had shave ice nearly every day I was on the island and I have to say I think this place was the best! I had pineapple, mango, and coconut with macadamia nut ice cream. I totally recommend including ice cream, as it really adds to the shave ice experience! Serving is huge and the smaller size was more than enough for me!
Kandy H
Joined: May 2016
Reviews: 47
Likes Received: 2
First time having shaved ice. So many choices it is hard to decided. Every one is probably great. They are very large and delicious! Will definitely stop here again when we get back to Kauai. With so many choices you can always have something different. You don't see this back in Illinois.
Tracy M
Joined: Feb 2016
Reviews: 57
Likes Received: 6
Jo jo's may be a little hole in the wall in the little town of Waimea but no one on the island has a better shave ice. On our last trip to Kauai, my husband couldn't wait to get there so we could have our favorite tropical shaved ice with macadamia nut ice cream. Don't leave the island without having one of these. This little gem is in the sleepy town of Waimea and is a perfect stopping place either going or coming from Waimea Canyon. This is a taste of the island that will stay with you no matter how long it is between visits!!
Bill R
Joined: Mar 2015
Reviews: 1
Likes Received: 0
This is a very quaint spot in a small town. They have about 15 different flavors of ice to try. I
have been there twice and have found the service to be great and the shave ice great also. The
thing I like about it is you can go out in the park area in front of the store and sit at a picnic
table in the shade while you eat it.
Cammi M
Joined: Apr 2015
Reviews: 13
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Love this place. Super friendly owner, at least I think she was the owner. Top notch shaved ice, or shave ice as they call it in Hawaii. So good.
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