Pipiwai Trail

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Phone (808) 572-4400
Address Mile Marker 42 Hana Hwy 330, Haleakala National Park, Hana, HI 96713
Amazing trail with waterfalls near the Seven Sacred Pools in Hana.

• General: Cost: Paid • General: National Park • General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Hiking • Hiking: Length: 1-2 Miles
• Hiking: Level: Easy • Hiking: Level: Moderate • Hiking: Major Elevation Changes • Hiking: Out & Back Trail • Sightseeing: Great Views
• Sightseeing: Waterfalls

The Pipiwai Trail is a popular trail for those taking the Road To Hana. It's a well maintained, out and back style hiking trail that you can find around 10 miles south after leaving Hana. Note that while the hike is free, there is a fee to park at the Kipahulu Visitor Center which is part of Haleakala National Park, though not part of the main park where the Haleakala Visitor Center is.

The trail is of easy to moderate difficulty and around 2 miles long, which makes for a 4 mile round trip hike. Along the way you can experience some of Maui's most incredible views with water payoffs along the way. The trailhead starts around 100 feet above sea level and by the end you'll be around 800 feet in elevation.

The hike begins at the parking lot at the Seven Sacred Pools / Ohe'o Gulch. It leads upward through bamboo forests with sections of tropical foliage. Hope you brought that camera because you'll want to start snapping photos right away.

The hike is along a stream, and there are vistas a hundred feet above it with viewing points. On that note, and with any fresh water streams in Hawaii, avoid the water as there is a risk of Leptospirosis. On a similar note, always be aware of the possibility of a Flash Flood even if the skies are perfectly clear along the hike. When you park at the Kipahulu Visitor Center, be sure to check with the park rangers there about current conditions.

The hike is mostly shaded. It leads to the impressive Waimoku Falls at the end. You may get rained on along your hike so wear appropriate clothing and read up on Hiking Safety & Essentials before heading out.

There is an amazing, and very old, Banyan tree that you'll see along the way. It's larger than life and it's best to take photos and leave it alone. Don't be like the others who carved their name in the trunk.

There are so many unique parts to this hike, like the bridge crossing shown above.

At the end is the amazing, 400 foot tall Waimoku Falls as shown above. This waterfall is beyond impressive and is sure to make your journey worthwhile.

A word of caution about any waterall: Never, ever stand under waterfalls. They tend to rain down rocks that range from grains of sand to car crushing monsters. The taller the falls, the more damage these rocks can do. Even a small pebble traveling down 400 feet could seriously injure or kill you.

When you're all done, head back the same way you came. You'll get to enjoy all of those amazing sites one more time and understand why many say that this is the best hike on Maui.