Kua 'Aina

Phone (808) 674-4030
4.5 stars from 5 reviews
Address 4450 Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei, HI 96707
Quite possibly one of the best burgers you'll ever have. Easily in your top 10 best.

• Food Types: Burger / Dog / Sandwich • Payment: $ - Cheap - Under $15
• Meals: Dinner • Meals: Lunch
• Service Type: Counter / Quick • Style: Casual
• Offers: Kids Menu • Offers: Open Air / Outdoor Seating

Full Description
Kua 'Aina might just be the best burger joint on the entire island of Oahu, if not all of Hawaii and beyond. It's really that good. They offer sandwiches as well but the burgers are so good that we haven't seen any point in eating anything but the burgers!

They offer a few different burger types such as a bacon burger, ortega burger, teriyaki burger, avocado burger, and a few others. They're all delicious and come in either 1/2 lb or 1/3 lb size and are topped off on a really tasty bun. You're looking at a burger in the $10 range as they'll charge extra for cheese (how odd) but it's all very fresh and high quality food so well worth the price.

The Kapolei location is very new and so it's nice and clean feeling inside, which is always a plus, but we find that the table don't feel like they get cleaned enough as we often find crumbs on the table regardless of when we go. It's a truly minor issue but figured we would point it out.

The only real complaint we have with Kua Aina is the fact that they charge 10 cents (yes, $0.10) if you want to get your burger take out. Why is this? Well, because they wrap the burger in tin foil. That's it. It's flat out ridiculous to nickle-and-dime your customers like this. Besides, if I eat in I'm using a tray and a basket that you have to clean, a piece of paper under by burger in the basket, and you will give me a carrot. I have no idea why they give a carrot with each burger but if you get takeout it's no-carrot-for-you! So my the 10 cent takeout charge?

They also only let you get one free refill on your drink but considering drinks are reasonably priced this isn't a big deal and we certainly prefer this to the $4.00 drink price at some restaurants, but it's still annoying.

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I have tried the Ortega Burger and the Mahi Mahi sandwich. They were both pretty good.
Tom T
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I ordered the grilled fish with Ortega chilies and cheese on a Kaiser. It came with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and tartar sauce. There are 3 types of fish to choose from - Ahi, Mahi, and Ono (when availabie). I've tried both the Ahi and the Mahi on separate occasions. The fish tasted good, but, I added a mixture of catsup and tabasco sauce to spice up the flavor. I'm never a fan of the gas/propane aftertaste I get when ordering grilled food. I have the same experience when ordering chicken from Costco. On my 3 visits to Kua Aina, I've had that experience Some are not bothered by it, but I've eaten enough grilled food to know the difference.

I don't think they source delicious organic grass fed beef for their hamburgers. Couldn't get a clear answer when I asked if the beef was local from the big island. The server told me the beef was from the Mainland. Bummer - I love grass fed beef. I expected better since this is a local specialty burger chain. I thought the burger was good as well, but I was expecting a better taste. It reminded me home cooked burger made from a backyard propane bbq using regular hamburger meat from the store. I would have enjoyed the flavor to be a kiawe or mesquite wood flavor or anything but natural gas or propane.

On the upside, the fries are really good. thinly sliced, crispy, and not too greasy. The service was good, but one occasion, my order was mixed up an order twice on the same visit. Not a big deal - it happens. They were apologetic and fixed it promptly. I struggled over how to rate Kua Aina - I guess I wanted to like Kua Aina better. The restaurant was clean, and there was a line of people to order, so it's popular. It has the potential to be better.
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Expensive but good. You can get a huge burger here and I like the kind of bun it comes on. Burgers are cooked well and ingredient options are fun and unique. I think I had to pay extra for cheese which is just crazy at a burger place.
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Wow, these were delicious burgers so we ate here twice in a row over two days. Amazingly good and a friendly staff.
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