Russo's Coal Fired Italian Kitchen

Phone (808) 840-0412
4 stars from 5 reviews
Address 91-1121 Keaunui Dr Ste 114, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Table service Italian food and brick oven pizzas.

• Food Types: Italian • Food Types: Pizza
• Payment: $$ - Average - $15 to $30 • Meals: Dinner
• Meals: Lunch • Service Type: Table
• Style: Casual • Style: Family Friendly
• Offers: Open Air / Outdoor Seating

Matt Anderson's Take
Russo's Coal Fired Italian Kitchen is an Italian restaurants that offers salads, pastas, and even sandwiches but the clear star here is the pizza. With a coal fired brick oven they're setup to make some tasty pizzas, and tasty they certainly are.

I started with their fried mozzarella appetizer which I thought was a bit pricey at almost $11. Then it arrived and I tasted it and $11 didn't seem too bad. These weren't your average frozen sticks but large mozzarella balls that were deep fried and super tasty. It was a large portion as well, easily split between 4 people.

You'll also get some bread and an oil, vinegar, and herbs dipping sauce that's really delicious and super soft so keep that in mind before you fill up on appetizers.

For the main course I decided to try their Paisano pizza which is a flat bread style square pizza and is plenty of food for two people which is good considering the almost $21 price on it. It sounds pricey but I could only eat half of it, and I can take down a lot of pizza on my own (so the rest will make for a second meal).

Anyhow, the Paisano comes with peporoni, sausage, red bell peppers, onions, cheese (but no red sauce), and garlic oil. It's delicious. Super soft bread that is just perfect and even without red sauce (which I didn't realize when I ordered) it was really good (and I'd order it again the same way).

The nice thing here is that you can customize any dish any way you want. Add items, remove items, whatever you want. They're not just accommodating, but they encourage that.

Service from Tiani was great. She was quick with order taking, bringing out food, drink refills, and so on. Very friendly staff all around with lots of hellos, goodbyes, and thank you's.

I wanted to find something wrong here but couldn't. I thought for sure the prices were going to be a sticking point and force me to knock a half star off. But lunch for 2 people with an appetizer, two pizzas, and one soda ($2.50) was $56 with tax (before tip). A little pricey but it was enough food for 4 people easily. So we ended up with food to go and thus 2 full meals for 2 out of it.

If you got a sandwich and a soda you'd be a bit over the $15 mark with tax and tip. If you split a pizza with a friend it's around $10 each for half of a good size pizza. Seems fair actually.

I will be back many times.

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Matt Anderson
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Loved the pizza here. There was a few of us so we ordered a lot of different pizzas. Love the bread and oil, it was awesome. The place was very busy and the service was fast and the staff we're very friendly. A little over priced but, hey, good pizza. Will definitely come back. If you see them try it out. Well worth it.
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I ordered the Greek pizza and it was delicious! It has spinach, tomatoes, garlic, black olives, feta, and mozzarella cheeses. This is the best Greek pizza I have had in Hawaii. The only thing that would have made this better would have been Kalamata olives instead of black olives. The service was excellent, everyone was so friendly. I will be back to try something else.
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This place knows how to make an excellent pizza. Their crust is spot on perfect and cooked just right. I was surprised this place wasn't busier than it was because it's really good even if a little expensive.
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Customers gave mixed reviews for the dishes served at Russo's Coal Fired Italian Kitchen. The majority of the customers were pleased with their servings described them as flavorful and tasty, while the minority described their meals as bland and average.

The service also received mixed reviews as some customers described the staff members as pleasant and friendly, while others described them as slow.
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