Sura Hawaii

Phone (808) 941-6678
5 stars from 7 reviews
Address 1726 Kapiolani Blvd Ste 101, Honolulu, HI 96814
High quality Korean BBQ that is cooked right at your table.

• Food Types: Korean • Payment: $$ - Average - $15 to $30
• Meals: Dinner • Meals: Lunch
• Service Type: Table • Style: Casual

Full Description
Sura Hawaii formally known as 678 Hawaii serves modern style Korean BBQ cooked right at your table. This is my new favorite Korean restaurant. There are lots of choice of different types of meat to order and the servers come by and cook your meat and cut them up into bite sizes. For four of us, we ordered a small combo that serves 2-3 people and a side order of pork belly. The small combo comes with 3 pork belly steaks, 1 prime rib, and a choice of prime boneless short rib, marinated short rib, or outside skirt. We chose the prime boneless short rib. The side order of pork belly came with 4 steaks.

First the server cooks the pork belly and cuts them up with scissors into bite sizes. She showed us how to dip it into different sauces and eat it with a piece of lettuce, sliced green onion, and hot sauce. The pork belly is fatty so when it’s cooked well done and crispy, it’s really delicious. Then the prime rib was cooked and cut up. After that, the short ribs were put on a different grill top and cooked. We were very full at the end of the meal. The quality of the meat was excellent.

They don’t give you a lot of side dishes like other Korean restaurants, we just got us pickled cucumbers. But the outside of the grill has four compartments and they put raw onions, corn and cheese, an egg mixture, and kimchee in them. They all cook while the meat is being cooked. When the egg is finished cooking, you scoop it up with the spoon and eat it. Cheese and corn was not popular at our table but I can see if you had kids at the table, they might like it.

The place can get pretty smoky because some of the tables didn't pull down the vent fan that sucks up the smoke. Not a deal breaker, but a little annoying.

While I was eating, I thought about all the people I wanted to bring over to the restaurant so they could experience the food which is a sign that I was very happy with the meal. I left feeling very satisfied. The price came out to about $25/person which is pretty good for an excellent meal.

Note that there is a $3 charge for valet parking. But if you go before 5pm, you can get the parking pass from the restaurant and park at the Aloha Sauna parking lot across the restaurant for free for 3 hours.

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We had a great night here. Food was amazing and the service was on point! Will definitely be back to eat here again. Thank you for a lovely experience.
Matt A
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I wouldn't say that Korean food generally gets me overly excited. I've had Korean food and enjoyed it, sure, but it's just not the type of food that I'll be dreaming about the next day.

In the case of 678 Hawaii that almost completely changes. While I'm not dreaming about my meal right now I'm very close to that point. In fact, the beef rib meat is making me drool a little bit right now.

It's an interesting place for sure and a fun experience. Sit around a table with a tiny grill in it, order meat, and they cook it up in front of you. Like Korean teppanyaki without any of the showmanship.

The meat quality here is very good with very tender pieces. See, what sometimes turns me off to various Asian cuisine is when the meat is too fatty, too chewy, and too low quality. None of that will be an issue here.

I love that they give you several different mini bowl of "stuff" to dip your food in. I don't even care what the stuff is, I just like to dip and mix stuff up. So this place is perfect for me.

Eat here when you have time because it's a long process as they cook each type of meat individually. Come with friends and share stuff.

We had dinner for 4 adults and 2 kids and ordered a massive amount of food and it was around $160 with tax and tip. So, it's not cheap but also not expensive and for the quantity and quality it is a good value.

Side note, the 2 kids with us (even a picky eater) enjoyed most of the "adult" food and loved some if it (ribs, chicken, steak).
Geannie C
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This restaurant is the bomb. The food is to die for service is right on point love it sooooo much!
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678 was my first experience at a Korean restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised! The pork belly was delicious as was the steak. But I have to say that the beef short ribs were my favorite by far.

The combo of all of the flavors together was so good. I could really go for some right now! My kids loved having the food cook at our table. My son was hands on helping to turn the meat while it cooked. It was a great time for all!
Tom T
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I've been to many Korean restaurants over the years, and this one is probably my favorite. The servers are very accommodating, although I was asked to switch chairs so that another diner could have a back rest. (most of the chairs are small stools).

The food is prepared teppanyaki style over a grill it the middle of a circular table. Each table-grill seats 2 to 3 people. The server does all the work, grilling the meat in front of you. It's fun to watch. The meat is marinaded in traditional Korean sauces, which are very good. The kimchee, and other sides were also quite tasty.

The unique feature of this restaurant (besides the little grill tables) are the vents that drop down on top each grill to suck up the smoke. The server or diner can pull it down or retract it. Fun experience, good food, excellent service, rockin music in the background. Not your typical Korean restaurant.
Cristelle M
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Near the Ala Moana mall, this place is close to the tourist hub and definitely worth a try. The restaurant seems to be getting a lot of attention since when I got here, we had to stand outside and wait because it was so full, and we are not alone on the waiting list- the line is really really really looong. The restaurant is owned by popular Korean comedian Kang Ho Dong.

The restaurant is unique because you cook the meat yourself. Every table has it's own grill in the middle, and you order whatever meat you want- for me and my friends, the meat combination of pork and beef. However, don't think of it as the staff being too lazy to cook, since their entrees of vegetables, sauces and the dessert of cold noodles is delicious, bountiful and well made. This feature is simply to make sure you cook the barbecue just the way you like! However, if you think all that barbecue smoke will suffocate you, each table has a ventilation on top of it so only the scent of sweet, cooking meat remains.

The rice is also free. FREE. Me and my friends ordered six bowls! In terms of prices, the meat combo we got is $44. Pricey, but the food is worth every penny. If you want a taste of Asian cuisine, come visit this place.
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