Shrimp Station

Phone (808) 821-0192
4 stars from 4 reviews
Address 4-985 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, HI 96746
A classic seafood restaurant that specializes in shrimp-based meals for lunch and dinner.

• Food Types: Hawaiian / Plate Lunch • Food Types: Seafood
• Payment: $$ - Average - $15 to $30 • Meals: Dinner
• Meals: Lunch • Service Type: Counter / Quick
• Style: Casual • Style: Family Friendly

Full Description
Indulge in seafood meals that are customarily shrimp-oriented for lunch and dinner. The restaurant provides a spacious indoor setting with round tables and chairs.

Guests can enjoy meals in a family friendly atmosphere which include choices of coconut shrimp, chili thai shrimp, and garlic shrimp among various options. Side orders such as potatoes, rice, and fries are also available.

Sue K
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 196
Likes Received: 9
I had wanted to try coconut shrimp whilst in Hawaii and finally got my opportunity at Shrimp Station. The shrimp was delicious and I want to go back to sample a shrimp taco. The vibe is laid back and informal. If you like shrimp as I do, you shouldn't miss Shrimp Station!
Tracy M
Joined: Feb 2016
Reviews: 57
Likes Received: 6
The Shrimp Station was one of the places I had read about prior to our last trip to Kauai and wanted to try. I must say we were not disappointed. The location is not very big but cozy. The price was not bad by Hawaiian price standards.The food was delicious and the shrimp were cooked to perfection. My coconut shrimp were excellent and my husband enjoyed the fried shrimp immensely. We would highly recommend the Shrimp station to anyone going to Kauai.
rachel m
Joined: Aug 2014
Reviews: 229
Likes Received: 19
I got the coconut shrimp and fries from this location. It was very tasty and you get 10 shrimp. I wasn't super impressed with their homemade (tarter looking) papaya ginger dipping sauce. I thought it was bland. But the shrimp by themselves were very good. I tried my uncle's beer battered shrimp and I could taste the beer, it was not something I would ever order for myself. It has some limited seating and a small parking lot.

This location also offered some different non-shrimp options than the Waimea location. They have fish & chips and a fish burger both under $10 each. Having eaten at both Shrimp Stations I like this location better.
Consensus Guy
Joined: Jul 2013
Reviews: 11148
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3.5 stars was the average rating of customers opinion on the Shrimp Station.

The customers raved about the coconut shrimp, describing it as some of the best shrimp they've ever had. The garlic shrimp also had many plaudits too and was considered delicious.

Customers were not impressed with the beer battered shrimp, describing the soggy texture as a turn off.
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