Pho Kauai

Pho Kauai
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Phone (808) 245-9858
Address 4303 Rice St Ste B1, Lihue, HI 96766
Specializing in tasty Vietnamese pho bowls for lunch and dinner.

• Food Types: Vietnamese • Payment: $ - Cheap - Under $15 • Meals: Dinner • Meals: Lunch • Service Type: Table

Pho Kauai serves up an amazingly huge variety of pho bowls for both lunch and dinner. Let's go over the basics first. Pho is pronounced "fuh" (not fo), is Vietnamese cuisine, and is essentially a bowl of noodles (hot or cold) with a crazy variety of things that can be added in.

If you've never had pho before start with the hot pho which will be like a noodle soup. I chose the Rare Steak Pho bowl here which is a hot pho bowl with very thinly sliced beef strip that are put into the broth uncooked and then get cooked in the hot liquid very quickly. Add in some veggies, a little sliced jalapeno, basil leaves, and you're good to go. The meat tastes best when dipped in plum sauce as well as some chili paste (if you like some heat).

It's an all around good meal and one that doesn't weigh you down when you're down. The service at Pho Kauai was okay even if not noteworthy and you don't get a welcoming or friendly vibe but that could just be down to a bit of a language barrier. Not to worry though, all menu items are numbered. When you're done go up and pay at the counter.

The restaurant itself is pretty boring. Feels like somebody ripped a laundromat out of their one day and opened a pho place the next. But that's okay, it's a hole-in-the-wall pho restaurant so it's supposed to be like this. I know I'll be back and suggest you give them a try.