We. Love. Hawaii.

You could say it's an obsession.

Hawaii is an amazing place - there is more to explore than any one person can do in a lifetime. But we're going to try.

We've set out to discover the places you won't find in a travel book. To journey the islands and learn from the locals about things you won't read about on other sites. And most importantly, to give you unbiased and relevant information that is shared by our community.

LookIntoHawaii.com has authentic reviews about hotels, beaches, restaurants, hikes, spas, and all of the other things that Hawaii has to offer. We produce articles, images, and videos so you can decide on the type of things you'd like to see on your visit.

So, if you want to plan a family vacation on Maui, or swim in the streams of the Kalalau Valley, if you're hungry for laulau, or anxious to swim with sea turtles, then stick around and explore LookIntoHawaii.com

We're also doing our part to be a responsible business. In addition to cleaning up local beaches we also donate a percentage of our profits to local Hawaii charities every month. We favor charities like the Hawaii Foodbank because nobody should have to go hungry. So every time you buy one of our products from our Made In Hawaii Store you'll help feed those in need.

This website is for all of us who love Hawaii.