Hawaiian Grill Paddle

5 stars from 3 reviews
The LookIntoHawaii.com Hawaiian Grill Paddle is a completely natural, completely safe alternative to grill cleaning. Wires brush bristles can break off, stick to grates, and attach to food causing serious and painful injury.
The Hawaiian Grill Paddle is a solid piece of wood that eliminates that risk while making your grill easy to clean. It automatically customizes to fit your grill, is easy to use, and brings aloha to the party.

As easy as 1-2-3:

1. Pre-heat grill on high, then turn down flames.

2. Move paddle back and forth with slow, firm pressure.

3. Line up formed grooves as you move down along the grate so only one set of grooves are created.
Product Reviews
Matthew B
Fantastic idea and works great.
Joshua E
Looks great and works a treat. Cheers!
Danielle C
My husband wasn't on board with this at first but then he used it and now he loves it to. It's easy enough to make grooves in as long as you go slow. Once the grooves form it makes grill cleaning very fast and easy.
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