Lana'i City Airport (Lny)

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Address 1 Airport Rd, Lanai City, HI 96763
No long walks to terminals and TSA security that takes only seconds. This is how air travel should be.

• Transportation: Airport

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Remember the bygone days of air travel when flying on a airplane was much easier and more relaxed? Neither do I but I imagine this is about as close as we'll ever get to those days again.

Lana'i City Airport (LNY) is a super tiny airport with one runway that only small turbo-prop style planes can use. No big jets are landing here anytime soon, unless Larry Ellison (who now owns most of Lana'i island) gets his way and gets a second runway built).

Either way, this isn't likely to ever become a major hub for any big airlines which means (hopefully) it will stay just like it is so that you can blow in and out of this place with ease. No more having to arrive hours early for your flight, just roll in 30 minutes before boarding time, get your boarding pass (or print online), stroll through security, and walk onto your plane.

To be clear, this place does have the same TSA procedures in place that all USA airports have so we can all feel warm, fuzzy, and secure about flying in a very insecure world. The difference here is that it's so small that you won't have long lines forming while you get through that process.

There are bathrooms here but you won't find any food options. Shuttles from the airport will travel to the island hotels and back as well. If you plan to rent a car from Dollar Rent A Car Lana'i you will need to take the shuttle to town where Dollar is located.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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While I wouldn't complain if they added some sort of food option or mini-mart inside this airport, it's basically perfect as-is. It's small town flying at its best.

There aren't tons of flights coming and going to the island, often just one plane at a time. And those planes are small. Even if an entire plane load of people show up for a departure at the same exact time (unlikely) the security checkpoint only takes a minute or two. It's not that they do anything unique or special, the magic is simply a byproduct of the small number of people using this place.
Sue K
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If only all airports were like this! When we arrived (on the half empty plane), we were the only tourists. Everyone else seemed to be returning home. The airport is dinky and there are no food vendors. They aren't really required as you don't need to get there until half an hour or so before boarding. We managed to get a taxi into town at $10.00 a head each (although there is only one taxi and it had to come back for us!)
Dewei T
Joined: Aug 2015
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I wish all airports were like this. Small, simple, fast.
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