Lanai Itinerary - Day 5

Lanai Itinerary - Day 5
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The action doesn't stop on day 5 of your Lanai trip.

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Let's get up early today and do a little hiking before it gets too hot. I'll give two great options to choose from, both are easy to access without a long trip to reach the trailhead. How much or how little you do will be up to you. Both will be out and back trails so you can go as far as you want and simply turn around when you've had enough.

The first option is Fisherman's Trail. This is an easy hike for most and starts at the far west end of The Challenge at Manele Golf Course near the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay. There is a small parking area just north of the trailhead which then starts right next to the far west side of the golf course. It's about a 2 mile hike one way and follows the coastline to Hulopo'e Bay Beach Park.

This one is completely unprotected so it gets hot in the sun. Bring a hat and be sure to read up on Hiking Safety & Essentials before you go. While I wouldn't call this a dangerous hike, there are some steep drop off areas near the trail so if you have smaller kids I don't know that this is the hike for them.

The second option is the Koloiki Ridge Trail which is a 5 mile hike (one way) to a ridge with spectacular views of Lanai, along with Molokai and Maui off in the distance. Most of this trail is just a regular trail and at one point you'll end up on the Munro Trail (watch out for Jeeps and ATVs there). So it's not difficult for most but can be muddy.

Again, be prepared by reading Hiking Safety & Essentials, then stop in at the Four Seasons Resort Lana'i, The Lodge at Koele (near where the trail starts) and ask them for a trail map and information. They'll get you pointed in the right direction and from there the trail is well marked along the way. If you're with kids who don't want to hike 5 miles, you can simple do a mile or two and turn around as needed. You won't get the payoff at the end this way, but it's still a fun hike in nature and it will be much cooler up here compared to the Fisherman's Trail hike.

After some lunch, let's go take a boat tour. Exactly what type of boat tour you take is completely up to you. Maybe you want to do some snorkeling or scuba diving if you're certified. Or maybe you just want a sightseeing tour to go on. There are plenty of options for everyone so the best place to start is with your hotel's concierge. They can get you booked on the cruise that is best for you, but do this early on in your trip or before you arrive so your reservations are all set. What a way to end your amazing Lanai vacation!

Well, that was five fun days on Lanai. You relaxed, you explored, and you adventured. You got a great taste of what Lanai offers and are probably wondering how you can move to Lanai and convince your boss to let you work from home. Hopefully you have an evening flight (or ferry) to catch and got as much out of this last day as possible.